Current information about changes due to Corona virus

Published 7.3.2020, updated 31.7.2020








Changing and cancellations of bookings from 12 March 2020:

  • Tallink Silja will contact all customers affected by cancelled departures. 

    Due to the restrictions in our countries, we are currently receiving a huge number of customer enquiries, which means that it may take longer than usual to resolve each person's application, but we will provide a solution for and respond to every single application received.

    We are currently urgently dealing with customers who have bought a ticket for travelling in the closest departures. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

    Customers can also help speed matters up by checking their contact details for their current booking / ticket by visiting the "My Booking" section on our website. By doing this you ensure that we can contact you quickly when we need to.
  • Exceptional terms for changing existing bookings  24.7.2020-10.1.2021 →

Tallink Grupp follows very closely the instructions and recommendations of each respective country where our vessels operate.

You can read all the latest press releases on Tallink Grupp's Press center.

We are opening sales and making plans for new services and products continuously as the situation changes in our destination countries.


Latest route traffic plan


Routes we sail according to normal schedule:

  • HELSINKI-TALLINN and v.v. with Megastar, Star & Europa
  • TURKU-ÅLAND STOCKHOLM and v.v  with Baltic Princess & Galaxy.
    Please note travel restrictions from Sweden to Finland.

New additional routes for below time periods:

  • HELSINKI-RIGA and v.v. with Silja Serenade 26.6.-10.01.2021
  • HELSINKI-TALLINN and v.v  with Victoria I 08.06.-31.08.2020
  • STOCKHOLM-VISBY and v.v with Silja Symphony 10.07.-14.08.2020
  • TALLINN-MARIEHAMN and v.v. with Baltic Queen 19.06 & 26.06.2020
  • TALLINN-HELSINKI-MARIEHAMN  with Baltic Queen on Fridays 03.-26.07.2020 and 16.8. & 23.8.2020
  • TALLINN-LÅNGNÄS-TURKU and v.v. with Baltic Queen 06.07.-10.01.2021

New additional special cruises:

  • RIGA-MARIEHAMN-RIGA with Romantika 18.07., 10.08.2020 & 04.09.2020
  • RIGA-HELSINKI-RIGA with Romantika 24.07., 07.08. 21.7 & 28.08.2020
  • HELSINKI-SAAREMAA-HELSINKI with Victoria I 27.07.2020
  • STOCKHOLM-HÄRNÖSAND-STOCKHOLM with Silja Symphony  21.08., 28.08., 04.09., 11.09. & 18.09.2020

Routes are partially suspended for regular passenger traffic until further notice:

  • HELSINKI-STOCKHOLM: with Silja Symphony departure every other day 16.8.2020 - 10.1.2021.
  • TALLINN-STOCKHOLM: with Victoria I departure every other day 1.9.2020 - 10.1.2021.
  • RIGA-STOCKHOLM: with Romantika departure every other day 1.9.2020 - 31.3.2021.
    (Except Romantika departures Riga-Stockholm: 28.06., 08.07., 14.07., 22.07., 28.07 & Stockholm-Riga: 29.06., 09.07., 15.07., 23.07., 29.07.2020, Travelling allowed only because of work or on personal needs.)

Timeline of changes in operations & cancelled departures:

  • 15.3.2020: Tallinn-Stockholm traffic has been suspended from Sunday 15 March 
  • 16.3.2020: Riga-Stockholm traffic has been suspended from Monday 16 March 
  • 17.3.2020: Tallinn-Helsinki route vessel Silja Europa has been suspended from Tuesday, 17 March 
  • 17.3.2020: Romantika sailed to Sassnitz, Germany 17.3.2020 to bring home Estonians and Latvians stuck in Europe. 
  • 18.3.2020: Tallink Grupp will temporarily suspend the operation of three of its hotels in Tallinn and Riga from Wednesday 18 March
  • 18.3.2020: Helsinki-Tallinn route's Shuttle traffic with Star & Megastar: New bookings for Day Cruise or Roundtrips between Helsinki and Tallinn are not sold from 18 March. Megastar continued to operate on the Tallinn-Helsinki route according its usual schedule.  During the weekend of Saturday 21 March and Sunday 22 March 2020 there were 4 additional departures with Megastar. Star departed from Helsinki to Tallinn 18.3.2020 according to schedule at 7.30am. All the following Star departures on Helsinki-Tallinn route were cancelled until further notice.
  • 19.3.2020: Star started operating between Estonia and Germany as a cargo vessel from 19 March 2020 to ensure transportation of goods between Estonia and western Europe. 
  • 19.3.2020: Helsinki-Stockholm traffic has been suspended from Wednesday 19 March 
  • 19.3.2020: Turku-Stockholm route ships Baltic Princess and Galaxy started to temporarily operate on the Turku-Kapellskär route from 19 March 2020 to provide cargo transport between Finland and Sweden. 
  • 23.3.2020: Baltic Princess and Galaxy return to Turku-Stockholm route via Långnäs in Åland Island from 23 March 2020 onwards to secure cargo traffic during coronavirus situation. 
  • 11.4.2020: Tallink Grupp’s vessels Megastar, Baltic Princess and Galaxy will no longer allow foot passengers and passengers with cars to travel to Finland from Saturday, 11 April 2020. Passengers are still allowed to travel these vessels from Finland to Estonia and Sweden as previously and cargo transportation will continue on all these vessels according to schedule. 
  • 19.4.2020: Star stopped operating on Paldiski-Sassnitz-route and it's traffic is suspended until further notice
  • 29.-30.4.2020: Romantika  carried out a special trip on the Riga-Stockholm route on 29 – 30 April 2020 to transport cargo and workers between the two capitals. 
  • 14.5.2020: Tallink Grupp started selling tickets to passengers travelling to Finland from 5 May.  First passenger transport to Finland on ferries Star and Megastar are allowed from 14 May 2020 for workers and people with unavoidable reasons for travel. 
  • 24.5.2020: Tallink Grupp adds more departures to Tallinn-Helsinki route for its vessel Star
  • 28.5.2020: Baltic Princess and Galaxy return back to Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm route
  • 06.06.2020: Megastar operates with full summer schedule with 6 departures per day on Helsinki-Tallinn route
  • 08.06.2020: Victoria I operates on Helsinki-Tallinn route from 8 June - 31 August
  • 12.06.2020: Tallink Hotel Spa in Tallinn reopens 
  • 12.06.2020: Silja Europa starts operating again on Helsinki-Tallinn route 
  • 26.06.2020: Silja Serenade will operate on Helsinki-Riga route from 26 June - 15 August
  • 03.07.2020:  Baltic Queen will operate on Tallinn-Helsinki-Mariehamn route on weekends. Departures on Fridays 3, 10, 17 & 24 July 
  • 10.7.2020: Silja Symphony will make cruises from Stockholm to Visby 10 July - 14 August
  • 18.7.2020: Romantika will make special cruises Riga-Mariehamn-Riga 18 July , 10 August and 4 September
  • 07.08.2020: Romantika will make special cruises Riga-Helsinki-Riga 7 August, 21 August & 28 August 
  • 21.08.2020: Silja Symphony will make special cruises Stockholm-Härnösand (High Coast)-Stockholm 21, 28 August and 4, 11 and 18 September 2020.


  • Travelling to Estonia - Read more from Ministry of Foreign affairs: & Visit Estonia 
  • Travellig to Finland - Read more from the Finnish Border Guard:

    As of 27 July 2020:

  • Travelling to Latvia -  Read more from

  • An official website of the European Union -  Find out about travelling restrictions by coutry: Re-Open EU

  • The main advice from the local official health authorities is to follow extremely good hygiene practices - frequent and proper washing of hands, using disinfectants that are available around all our ships and hotels.
  • We are continuously and frequently forwarding advice and guidance to our crew and staff we receive from the authorities and partner organizations.
  • A number of important safety measures are being executed onboard. Read more here
  • During the first month, the passenger capacity of operating vessels did not exceed more than half of the vessel's normal maximum number. Since then, passenger capacity has been gradually increased, taking into account the epidemic situation in our countries. 
  • Before purchasing tickets please make sure that you follow the regulations when entering the country at the destination and pay attention to possible self-isolation rules.

Latest updates and contact numbers on official HEALTH AUTHORITY web pages:

For further information, please contact our customer service.


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