Åland - a delight to all senses

Discover the most beautiful archipelago in the world! A holiday in Åland delights both the eye and the mind – and tempts the taste buds. Åland Islands consists of sixteen municipalities and 6,700 islands and has its own blue-yellow-red flag.

Åland is inhabited by peace that attracts tourists back to enjoy the unique nature of its islands time and again. Winding island roads, charming wooden houses, apple trees, leafy groves and the sparkling sea behind almost every corner and hill.

This summer you can make an overnight cruise to Mariehamn from Helsinki with Silja Serenade 24.6.-13.8.2021 and spend a day exploring the island all day.

Galaxy & Baltic Princess offer daily departures from Turku.


Nordic pure nature

Are you looking for an adventure? Are you a nature lover? Åland Islands offer great biking roads and fishing packages. It's a fabulous island for hiking with many nature trails. Imagine yourself in the midnight admiring the archipelago – it's a truly unforgettable moment!

discover Åland

Silja Line's cruise ships Galaxy, Baltic Princess, Silja Serende and Silja Symphony takes you through the most gorgeus archipelago to Åland. Choose a departure which suits you the most and combine an eventful cruise with visiting unique and picturesque Mariehamn.

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Delicacies from archipelago

What might be today's catch? You can be sure to get fresh sea food from the local fishermen! Crayfish, black bread, Åland pancakes and other local products will be a culinary experience not to forget! Also many of our ships gourmet delights come from the archipelago.


Experience the adorable Åland Islands 

The Åland Islands are located in the Baltic Sea between mainland Finland and Sweden. Åland has 6,500 islands and is an ideal and unique holiday destination for families with children. Silja Line has daily cruises from Turku to Åland. Novelty in summe 2021 -  Silja Serenade makes Day in Mariehamn cruises 24.6.-31.7.2021 from Helsinki.