A cruise ship for the whole family!

  • Departure every evening from Turku to Stockholm at 20:15
  • Departure every morning from Stockholm to Turku at 07:10
  • One of the newest cruise ships on the Baltic Sea
  • New Grande Buffet & Fast Lane restaurants
  • Renewed Fashion Street shop
  • New Siljaland playroom for children
  • Live entertainment every day - read more about entertainment →


  • Baltic Princess Executive suite
  • Baltic Princess Executive suite balcony
  • Baltic Princess Executive suite

Executive suite

Spacious cabins (26-31 m2) with a balcony for 2 persons located in the rear of the ship on deck 9. All cabins have a double bed, a sofa and armchairs, WC, shower, hair dryer, LCD-TV, telephone and a refrigerator. The price includes a special breakfast and refreshments (soft drinks and fruits) in the refrigerator.




  • Baltic Princess Suite sofa group
  • Baltic Princess Suite


Spacious cabins (26-31 m2) for 2 persons located in the front of the ship on deck 8 and 9. Cabins have a separate bedroom with a double bed, sofa and armchairs, WC, shower, hair dryer, LCD-TV, telephone, minibar, writing table and refrigerator. The price includes a special breakfast and refreshments (soft drinks and fruits).




  • DeLuxe


Spacious cabins (11-14 m2) for 2 persons on deck 8 and 9. All cabins have a double bed, WC, shower, hair dryer, LCD-TV, telephone and refrigerator. The price includes a special breakfast and refreshments (soft drinks) in the refrigerator.




  • Family


All family cabins have a seaview and are 18 m2. 4 persons cabins are for families with minimum two children. 6 persons cabins are for minimum of 5 persons of whom at least 2 are children and 8 persons cabins are for minimum of 6 persons, of whom at least 2 are children. Cabins are located on deck 5 and have a toilet, shower and LCD TV.

All of the family cabins are having and intermediate door. The middle door is open (the customer can contact information desk should he want it locked.




  • A Premium

A Premium

Outside cabins (9m2) for 2 persons on deck 8 and 9. The price includes a special breakfast. All cabins with a double bed, WC, shower and LCD-TV.




  • A-cabin for 4 persons
  • A-cabin for 2 persons
  • A-cabin


Outside cabins (9-10 m2) for 2 or 4 persons with window. Cabins for 2 persons are on decks 5, 8 and 9, cabins for 4 persons on deck 5. All cabins have WC, shower and LCD-TV. Allergy-friendly cabins are also available.




  • B-cabin for 3 persons
  • B-cabin for 2 persons
  • B-cabin for 4 persons


Inside cabins (9 m2) without window for 2 or 4 persons on decks 5,8 and 9. All cabins have WC, shower and TV. Cabins for allergic persons available.




  • E-class cabin for 4 persons
  • E-class cabin for 3 persons

E-class cabin

Inside cabins (9 m2) without window for 2 or 4 persons. All cabins have WC, shower and TV. Due to cabin location you may experience some noise.




  • B2 allergy cabin


Special cabins for allergic persons
Two and four persons B-cabins or two persons A-cabins on deck 5. Cabins have wc, shower and LCD TV. In addition, there are two Suite-class cabins suitable for allergic persons on deck 8. Price for the special cabins are according to the category B, A or Suite.

Special cabins for disabled persons
Outside A-class cabins (13 m2) with 2 beds located on deck 5. All cabins have WC, shower (special equipment for disabled people) and TV. Cabin door is 90 cm wide, shower/WC door is 89 cm wide.



new Grande Buffet

Buffet restaurant has been totally renewed during recent renovation.  Here you can find the rich variety of Scandinavian and international dishes enjoyed together with the ship's magnificent sea views. Drinks (soft drinks, beer, red wine and white wine) are included. Buffet restaurant is located on deck 7 in the bow of the ship.

Buffet dinner menu →

Christmas Buffet dinner menu 21.11.-26.12.2018→ 

Buffet lunch menu → 

Buffet winelist → 

Meal prices and seating times →

Grill House

Good food and relaxed atmosphere. The hefty menu of Grill House offers a variety of delicious alternatives that satisfy even the hungriest customers. Grill House is located on deck 7 in the middle of the ship.

Grill House menu →
Winelist →

Children's menu →

Tavolàta Ristorante Italiano

Come and taste the delicacies of Italian kitchen, the menu includes for example pizza! ROI deli items, such as olives and olive oil, are sold in the restaurant. Tavolàta Ristorante Italiano can be found on deck 7. Benvenuti & Buon Appetito!

Menu 1.4.2018-31.3.2019 →

Tavolàta seasonal winter menu 12.11.2018-3.4.2019 →


Happy Lobster

Fresh fish and seafood! The chef designs the menu based on the day's catch, which means that some of the courses on the menu change daily. The delicious and generous seafood platter is the restaurant's most popular dish. Happy Lobster is located on deck 7 in the middle of the ship. Also Brunch is served here!

Happy Lobster menu →
Winelist →

Children's menu →

Read more about Brunch →
Do you think that breakfast is always too early? Now you can sleep in and enjoy a generous Brunch in a relaxing atmosphere from 10:30 – 12:00. Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. Take your time and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, special coffees, smoothies and fruits. Share a bread basket with you friend and order a warm dish to your table and don't forget the dessert!
Book a seat and the delicious Brunch coupon in advance with affordable price 28 € / person (on board 30 € / person).

cafeteria → fast lane

Cafeteria was renovated into Fast Lane restaurant in the recent renewal project in winter 2018. When hunger strikes you by surprise, Fast Lane is the right choice! Small snacks or a proper meal, all quickly in a good atmosphere. Restaurant is located on deck 6 in the bow of the ship.

Sea Pub

The livingroom of full-bodied beers and fresh ciders. The warm-hearted Sea Pub has the best labels of a wide variety and a relaxed atmosphere. Troubadour entertains customers with live music. Sea Pub is located in the middle of deck 7.

piano Bar

Classy Piano Bar is a marvelous place to enjoy aperitives or coffee avec. In Piano Bar you can also spend a peaceful evening listening to piano music. Piano bar is located on deck 7 near dining restaurants.

Starlight Palace

The Art Deco style nightclub Starlight Palace offers magnificent surroundings for glamorous entertainment shows. There is a great view from the second floor of the 956-seated restaurant to the downstairs' dance floor and grand stage. Starlight Palace is located on decks 6 and 7.

Iskelmä Baari

In the bow of the ship Tango Lounge has changed into Iskelmä Bar that offers typical local dance music. Here you can also sing karaoke! Iskelmä Bar is located on deck 6.

THE Club

In The Club you can dance until dawn with the best music. It is easy to steer from the hot beat of the dance floor to the aft terrace to take in some fresh sea air. There are 90 seats. Disco Klubi is located on deck 10.

tax free shop

The Tax Free Shop on Baltic Princess is a shop with a full selection of strong liquors, wines, beers, tobacco, sweets and food. Our professional staff will help you with selecting the right bottles from the best selection on the Baltic Sea. By shopping on the sea you clearly save money!

Read more about shopping and find great deals →

cosmetic boutique

You will find the most known perfumes, cosmetics and skin care brands on board Baltic Princess' Cosmetic Boutique. Our trained and knowledgeable shop assistants are happy to help you choose the best products for you!

Read more about shopping and find great deals →

gifts & toys

Gifts, fashion jewellery, clothes for adults and children, toys, souvenirs, daily cosmetics, electronics etc.

fashion street

After the docking during winter 2018 Fashion Street store has extended to 70 m2 and the new area is fully dedicated to Tommy Hilfiger! Other familiar brands such as Desigual, Superdry, Esprit, Converse, Vans and Guess can also be found in the wide selection of clothing.

sauna department

The 2nd deck's sauna department makes a pleasant voyage even more enjoyable. The beautifully built sauna deparment has two on order saunas, public saunas and pools for both children and adults.

PUBLIC saunaS & PRIVATE saunaS

Public saunas (women/men)
Opening hours:
Turku-Stockholm 20:00–23:00 (Finnish time), bathing time 1 h 
Stockholm-Turku klo 08:00–18:30 (Finnish time), bathing time 1 h

Private saunas 1 & 2
Opening hours:
Turku–Stockholm 20:00–23:00
Stockholm–Turku klo 08:00–18:30

Read more and check the prices →
Prices: Adults 8,5 €, children 6–11 y.o. 4,50 €, children under 6 y.o free of charge *
Rental swimsuit 4 €, extra towel 1 € 

Sauna entry ticket can be purchased in the sauna department or in advance. There are pool of 8 m x 3,5 m and a small pool for children. Pool bar has appr. 20 seats.

Private saunas:
Sauna 1: 80 € / 6 persons / 1,5 h (extra fee 80 € for each additional 1,5 h)
Sauna 2: 80 € / 6 persons / 1,5 h  (extra fee 80 € for each additional 1,5 h)

The entire sauna area: 500 € / 2 hours / max 34 persons Additional hours: 250 € / hour

* It's not recommended for children under 1 year old to enter the pool because of high chlorine content in water. 

Children's Playroom and other program

Baltic Princess is a ship for the whole family! In the ship's playroom at deck 7 you can dive into the ball pool, draw and play. The heat of games can be found in the game room. Baltic Princess offers effortless being together for families. Even going on a cruise is a "cool thing" for kids, but during the summer we have paid extra attention. You can meet the lovely Moomin character onboard Baltic Princess every day during the school holidays seasons!

Moomin daily on Baltic Princess from 01.06 until 18.08.2018 !

fun for kids on holidays

A cruise is fun and exciting, especially during school holidays. We have planned special programs for kids with children program assistants. The children get their own cruise program already at the check-in and can barely wait until boarding to get to the play room! During the peak summer season (mid June-mid August 10.6.-13.8.2018) the conference area is built into a summer center with lots of activities!


welcome to have fun with moomin!

During school holidays children are our guests of honor! We have organized lots of fun activities during the cruise. We are the official Sea Carrier of the Moomin character. Welcome to say hello to him on Silja Symphony and Silja Serenade! In the early evening a special Moomin disco is held on the dance floor in Starlight! At other times you can meet Moomin during weekends.

During holiday seasons Moomin is daily onboard Silja Serenade:

  • Winter holidays 17.2.-10.3.2019
  • Summer holidays 1.6.-18.8..2019
  • Autumn holidays 11.10.-27.10.2019
  • Christmas holidays 20.12.-6.1.2020


other services

Find out useful information from the links below:

Information Desk on deck 6 is open around the clock. Here you can exchange currency, get information about the program on board as well as get tips on how you can best spend your day in your destination.

You can buy tickets for sightseeing and public transportation. When you buy a Stockholm Card, a discount card, you have free entry to 80 museums and attractions, free travel by public transport and access to many other interests worthy of the money.
Luggage lockers
Luggage lockers are situated on deck 7, in connection to Pub.
Luggage storage room
Luggage storage room is situated on deck 7, in back of the ship. Luggage Storage room is free of charge and will be closed 15 minutes after departure and openened again 15 minutes before arrival.
Cold storage lockers
Unfortunately on Baltic Princess there is no cold storage lockers onboard
Safety Deposit
There are small free lockers for valuables in Information Desk. Larger lockers and luggage room can be found on deck 5, (lockers work with 2 €uro coins) The luggage room is locked 15 minutes after departure and will be opened 15 minutes before the arrival. The cruise line is not liable for property left in the cabin.
Nurse can be reached via Information Desk.
Soft drink machines
There are several soft drink vending machines onboard. Vending machines work with EUR (1 euro and 2 euro coins) .
currency Exchange and slotting machines
Currency exchange point is located in the ship's Information Desk, deck 6. Slot machines run with euro coins. Money-changing machines can exchange notes to coins (EUR).
Internet connection
Free WiFi connection in public areas. Satellite connection during voyage is occasionally slow.
Deck 5 (In Turku also deck 6)

technical information

Maiden voyage: 15.07.2008
Shipyard: Akeryards, Finnland
Lenght: 212 m
Width: 29 m
Speed: 23 knots
Ice class: 1 А super
Amount of decks: 10 
Passenger capacity: 2.800
Cabins: 927
Berths: 2.484
Line meters: 1.300



Port of Turku
Linnankatu 91 FIN-20100 Turku
Tel. + 358 (0)600 15 700
Fax +358 2 335 6375

Check-in open: daily 06:45-20:15
Ticket sales open daily 09:00-16:30

Read more about terminal →
Check the location on a map


Hamnpirsvägen 10, 115 74 Stockholm (Box 27295, 102 53 Stockholm)

Tel. +46 8 222 140
Fax. +46 8 667 1460