Regular daily Riga-Stockholm traffic has been suspended until 31.3.2021. Victoria I operates once a week on the route:
On Monday departure from Stockholm 17:00, arrival to Riga 11:00
On Tuesday departure from Riga 17:30, arrival to Stockholm 11:00

Romantika will operate every other day during 31.3.-30.8.2021.  Daily departures with Romantika & Isabelle 31.8.-31.12.2021.

Overnight Cruises

  • Departures from Stockholm to Riga 17:00–11:00 and from Riga to Stockholm 17:30-10:30
  • Spend and exciting night on board and visit the sights in the city during the day!
  • Check the timetable
  • You can also book a vehicle onboard!