Baltic Princess to be docked in early 2018 for planned technical works and retrofit

Tallink Grupp’s cruise ferry Baltic Princess, operating on the Turku-Stockholm route, will be docked between 10 January and 22 February 2018. During the scheduled docking regular technical maintenance works and a retrofit of the ship’s dining, shopping and children’s areas will be carried out. The works will be carried out at the Remontowa shipyard in Poland.

The planned technical works will include, in addition to regular maintenance activities, the replacement of the ship’s two reduction gears.

The retrofit of the ship’s facilities will include converting the old Buffet Silja Line into a Grande Buffet, to follow the same concept already in use on other Silja Line cruise ships; converting the old Cafeteria to a Fastlane restaurant, following the same concept as the Fastlane on the Megastar; refreshing the ship’s Fashion Street shopping area and enhancing the Silja Land children’s play area to include many new features as well as occupying a bigger space in a new location on deck 5. The need for a refresh is part of the group’s wider ship renovation programme and follows the group’s recent brand renewal in August 2017.

Commenting on the works planned for Baltic Princess, Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Member of HT Laevateenindus OÜ Management Board within Tallink Grupp, said:

“The need to carry out some technical works on the ship means we have a good opportunity to also refresh the ship’s interior and make the travel experience even better for our customers. We have collected feedback from our customers over the years and are now making the most of this feedback when retrofitting the ship’s overall environment and upgrading our services on-board. We hope that when Baltic Princess returns to the route at the end of February 2018, the wait will have been worth it for our customers and they will enjoy the improvements.”

Baltic Princess will be out from traffic from the evening of 9 January 2018 and it will come back in traffic on 22 February 2018. The group’s other cruise ferry on the route, the Galaxy, will operate in the Baltic Princess schedule during this period.

The latest information on the Tallink Silja ferry schedules can be found here >>

For media enquiries, please contact:

Katri Link, Communications Director, Tallink Grupp
tel: +372 5304 2121 or

Marika Nöjd, Communication Director, Tallink Silja Oy
tel: +358 4002 07704 or marika.nö

Published 08.11.2017 


Tallink Silja becomes the world’s first cruise line to serve MSC certified seafood

Five cruise ships out of Tallink Group’s fleet operating from Finland have become the world’s first cruise ships to obtain MSC Chain of Custody certification for the seafood they serve. The Tallink Group is one of the largest maritime carriers of passengers and cargo in the Baltic Sea region and this MSC certification demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly SDG 14, which calls to conserve and sustainably use the oceans.

All Silja Line cruise ships operating between Helsinki-Stockholm & Turku-Stockholm, Silja Serenade, Silja Symphony, Baltic Princess and Galaxy, and one Tallink cruise ship Silja Europa operating between Helsinki-Tallinn route now offer their customers sustainable and traceable MSC certified shrimp and herring. About 160 tonnes of shrimp and 22 tonnes of herring are served on their cruise ships and this certification ensures that customers onboard these ships can enjoy seafood in restaurants that has come from a sustainable fishery and can be traced from ocean to plate.

“Tallink Silja strives to source sustainably and to guide its customers towards making the right choices,” explains Marika Nöjd, Communications Director at Tallink Silja. “The MSC is the world’s most credible environmental certificate for sustainably caught seafood, so the MSC Chain of Custody certification implemented on our vessels is a natural step towards advancing our sustainable development work. In the future, we intend to get MSC certification for all of our ships operating on the Baltic Sea.”

“Tallink Silja becoming the world’s first MSC certified cruise line is great news,” affirms Minna Epps, MSC Program Director, MSC Baltic Sea region. “This company is encouraging the fishing industry and other companies to take responsible courses of action. In order to attain SDG 14 we need more commitments from companies to only source sustainably caught fish that is traceable.”

The first MSC Chain of Custody certification of these cruise ships is a clear step forward in the sustainable seafood movement. MSC certified fisheries are continually monitored and must complete annual surveillance audits as well as being reassessed every five years. More than 1,200 improvements to fishing practices and environmental management have been delivered by MSC certified fisheries since 2000.

“Globally speaking, the situation of fish stocks is alarming and the WWF recommends that both retailers and restaurants should switch the imported seafood products to MSC-certified alternatives," says Matti Ovaska, Conservation Officer at WWF Finland. “It is a truly wonderful initiative for Tallink Silja to be a pioneer of fishery product responsibility in the global cruise line sector.”

For further information, please contact:

Tallink Silja Oy: Marika Nöjd, Communications Director, +358 400 207 704

MSC Finland: Janne Posti, Fisheries and Supply Chain Manager for Finland, +358 44 980 5916

WWF Finland: Matti Ovaska, Conservation Officer, +358 40 727 3149

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organisation. Our vision is for the world’s oceans to be teeming with life, and seafood supplies safeguarded for this and future generations. Our ecolabel and certification program recognises and rewards sustainable fishing practices and is helping create a more sustainable seafood market. The MSC ecolabel on a seafood product means that:

• It comes from a wild-catch fishery which has been independently certified to the MSC’s science-based standard for environmentally sustainable fishing.

• It’s fully traceable to a sustainable

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent nature conservation organisations. The WWF global network is active in more than 100 countries and has over 5 million supporters. The WWF mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The WWF operates in all sectors of nature

Published 27.09.2017 


Moomin Move mobile game launched as 1st in Scandinavia on Silja Line ships

The Moomin Move mobile game developed by Finnish Tribered was first launched in Finland by Silja Line. The game uses the player's location and augmented reality for a new kind of Moomin experience. At first the game can be played on the Finland-Sweden route on board cruise ships Silja Serenade, Silja Symphony, Galaxy and Baltic Princess.

Moomin Move is free to download on Apple's App Store for iOS and Google's Play Store for Android. During the cruise on board you are able to play offline the adventurous game based on Moominpappa at Sea -story and help familiar Moomin characters in various tasks around the ship. The adventure takes place on a unique custom-made indoor map of the cruise ship. The player is recognized by several Bluetooth beacons on each ship. The game is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.
Tribered is a startup company based in Helsinki, Finland. It combines real world activities and games to create new experiences and marketing solutions. The company believes that the digital and real world will be more integrated in the future and it builds platforms to weave them together. More about Tribered can be found at

Download Moomin Move mobile application before your cruise:

Book your Silja Line cruise at

Additional information:

Jani Järvinen, Managing Director of Tribered

Marika Nöjd, Communications Director, tel. +358 400 207 704


Published 11.07.2017 


Finland’s 100-year birthday celebration can be tasted on Silja Line’s Buffet selection - Customers selected 100 products

From the beginning of June, Silja Line ships offer the Finland 100 buffet, featuring the wishes and proposals of passengers. Customers from Club One (Tallink Silja’s Frequent Traveller Programme) were asked* to name their favourites, on the basis of which Matti Jämsén, Head of Restaurant Services at Tallink Silja, together with ship chefs, made the dreams come true. An abundant fish buffet, sandwich cake, meat loaf, cloudberry in various forms and chocolate mousse received the highest number of nominations. Persons with vegan diet are also taken into account in the summer buffets and in the food selection for the rest of the year. There are plenty of novelties which will certainly delight not only persons with vegan diet but all customers.

Many respondents valued Finnishness, and some even proposed many controversial products, such as boiled veal in dill sauce, mämmi (traditional Finnish Easter dessert) and blood sausage. The fish buffet was by far the most popular article. “The fish and seafood buffet is my favourite. A wide array of Atlantic herring, gravlax, shrimps and many other kinds of seafood. Add some potatoes and butter, and there you go,” said a passenger who responded to the survey.
“It was wonderful to read our customers' comments and to see how much they keep up with traditions and, in particular, how much they prefer traditional ship buffet products. We aim to use Finnish products at our ships' restaurants as largely as possible. Half of all products selected for the Finland 100 buffet come from Finland,” Matti Jämsén added.
At the Finland 100 buffet, passengers can, for example, enjoy smoked Vendace (white fish) from lake Pielinen, Heimon Kala's cold-smoked pike, fisherman Vento Aalto's Baltic herring and the Baltic fish balls. The much requested cloudberry cheesecake is made by Konditoria PH7 from Tuusula, and cranberry kissel (viscous fruit dish) is prepared on ships from fresh Finnish cranberries.
Main courses were also modified on the basis of customers’ requests. Baltic herring fillet, meat loaf prepared on board and blazed salmon with sautéed artificial morels were added to the range. “Seasonal products, such as apple pie, rice porridge and Mämmi, were also requested, but we decided to add these products later according to each season. Any special requests, such as fruit salad with ice cream, were not included this time. Game was also highly requested but, unfortunately, its availability is not sufficient for us. We also decided not to include controversial boiled veal in dill sauce, as people either love it or hate it,” Jämsén says.

Ship personnel were also able to vote for their favourite buffet products. Favourite starters included cold-smoked salmon, toast skagen, gravlax and different cheeses. Most popular main courses were smoked salmon and medium-rare roast beef. Cheesecake was the most popular dessert among ship personnel.

Demand for vegan and vegetarian food among customers has grown and it is also being increasingly requested. Now, many of these requests will be fulfilled. As a result of the #vegepaatti (#vegetarianboat) social media project launched in Finland in spring and many customer requests received for the Finland 100 buffet, a huge number of vegan products will be added to the buffet. This includes falafels, hummus, vegetable skewers, vegetarian curry and grilled eggplants. The aim is to cook tasty vegan food that all customers can enjoy.

The Finland 100 buffet will be served on all Silja Line ships and Silja Europa from the beginning of summer until late autumn. In the middle of October, the range will be updated with seasonal products, and Christmas buffet will be served starting from November 16th.

Read more about Silja Line's Finland 100 cooperation

Read more about the vegan challenge

Additional information:

Matti Jämsén, Head of Restaurant Services, tel. +358 400 729 099

Marika Nöjd, Communications Director, tel. +358 400 207 704


* The survey was conducted for Finnish Club One customers in autumn 2016. There were a total of 627 respondents.

Published 02.06.2017 


This year, Silja Line celebrates its 60th anniversary. The anniversary year is being visibly celebrated in the ships' restaurants, shops and cabins. In celebration of this special year, Marimekko has produced Pikku Lokki and Mini Unikko products in special colours for Commodore cabins, suites and the ships’ restaurants and cafeterias. They are also being sold in the shops on board. Ships are also selling special products, such as jubilee cake by Gagu, chocolate from the Kultasuklaa chocolate factory and the Helsinki Distilling Company's Silja 60 jubileum product.

Oy Siljavarustamo – Ab Siljarederiet was founded on 20 May 1957. Silja's first passenger ship was the S/S Silja that started sailing on midsummer night between Turku and Stockholm. The ferry could take approximately 400 passengers and 25 cars could be lifted on board by crane. Today, the ships have room for almost 3,000 passengers and over 400 cars.
Four Silja Line chefs have designed a celebratory menu to cherish the favourite dishes from the past decades, such as lightly salted reindeer, Oscar's schnitzel and Pike-Perch à la Walewska. The Silja 60 celebratory menu is served in the Tavolàta restaurants on all four Silja Line ships until the end of the year.
Starting 17 May, “Menu Nordic by Tommy Myllymäki, Tribute to Silja 60”, that includes five dishes, will be available in the Bon Vivant restaurants. Swedish chef Myllymäki is inspired by simple and natural cooking. The menu is based on the best and most popular flavours of the season. In 2010, Myllymäki came second in the Bocuse d’Or competition, and in 2012 he won the Kockarnas kamp (Top Chef Sweden) competition. He has founded several restaurants in Stockholm and is a regular guest on Swedish cooking TV shows. Menu Nordic will be served from 17 May to 5 September 2017, and the price of the menu, including wines, is EUR 118 (EUR 109 for Club One customers).
During the summer, the Happy Lobster restaurants will serve a summer menu designed by Tommy Myllymäki and Matti Jämsén, Tallink Silja's Head of Restaurant Services, featuring the best tastes of summer in the archipelago.

In celebration of the anniversary, Marimekko has designed special colours for Pikku Lokki and Mini Unikko products. These colours are perfectly suited for seafaring, and they also highlight traditional marine style. The products are show-cased in Commodore cabins, suites, restaurants and cafeterias. These Pikku Lokki and Mini Unikko products are sold exclusively on Silja Line's ships. The selection includes canvas bags, coin purses, trays, mugs, oven mitts and potholders.

Silja Line's cafeterias and shops are also selling special products, such as the 60th anniversary jubilee cake by Gagu, a bakery from Espoo, several chocolates from Kultasuklaa, a chocolate factory in Iittala, and Helsinki Distilling Company's Silja 60 jubileum product.

Watch an introductory video and find out more about Silja's 60th anniversary: Silja Line 60

Take a look at Menu Nordic by Tommy Myllymäki

Additional information:

Matti Jämsén, Head of Restaurant Services, tel. +358 400 729 099

Sari Sillman, Communications Specialist, tel. +358 50 574 2474


Published 11.05.2017 


On the 28th of April, a new Tallink restaurant NOK NOK opened its doors: its menu and atmosphere give a taste of authentic Thai cuisine.

“It is the company’s first restaurant that is not located on board of Tallink vessel or in a Tallink hotel. You can find NOK NOK in Tallinn’s Old Town on Vana-Posti street. It is a cozy, stylish and authentic restaurant, where guests can enjoy real Thai dishes and tastes,” says the project manager of NOK NOK Andres Poljakov.
The area of NOK NOK is 600 square meters. Here you will find a spacious and cozy cocktail bar, an à la carte restaurant, several unique private event halls, seminar rooms and a cooking school, where all interested can learn secrets of authentic Thai cuisine under guidance of chefs from the Kingdom of Thailand.
“In addition to enthusiastic and helpful waiters the team of NOK NOK includes five professional chefs, all from the Kingdom of Thailand. Thanks to their skills and experience we are able to offer the real Thai cuisine – exactly the way these dishes are prepared and served in Thailand,” adds Poljakov.
The kitchen team’s leader is chef Pensiri Pattanachaeng, who has over 15 years of professional experience and specializes on authentic Thai and modern Asian, Indian, Chinese and Korean cuisines. Pensiri has worked in top hotels and restaurants in Thailand, India and UAE.

According to Andres Poljakov, the cooking school of restaurant NOK NOK awaits everyone interested – both beginners and advanced cooking enthusiasts who wish to try their hand in making Thai dishes under guidance of NOK NOK chefs.

Interior of NOK NOK is inspired by national Thai decoration style blended with subdued while sophisticated northern overtones. “For instance, our dining tables are made on Estonian island of Saaremaa,” Andres Poljakov brings an example of combination of Eastern and Northern designs.

The author of the restaurant’s interior design is a well-known Finnish designer Marjut Nousiainen, who has also worked on Tempo restaurant in Tallink Express Hotel, as well as on cabins and various passenger areas on Tallink vessels.

Tallink was inspired to open the Thai restaurant by Enn Pant, the chairman of the council of Tallink, who is also the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Thailand in Estonia.

The word NOK means a bird in Thai language and NOK NOK also refers to the restaurant’s logo, where two owls are depicted. Owls, in turn, are found in bas-reliefs on external walls of the restaurant’s building on Vana-Posti 7.

Vessels of AS Tallink Grupp has 60 restaurants and cafés and the hotel chain Tallink Hotels has five restaurants where dozens of thousands dishes are served to customers every day.

Additional information:

NokNok Restaurant
e-mail:, tel: +372 5333 1744

A la Carte Menu Here

Published 28.04.2017 


Tallink, the leading shipping operator on the Baltic Sea, celebrates the tenth anniversary of the operation of Shuttle vessels on Tallinn-Helsinki route. Within this period, high-speed vessels of the highest weather and ice class have transported 30 million people between the two capitals, and the distance they have covered would be enough to circle the globe 40 times.

„“This year, we are celebrating a symbolic jubilee in marine traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn by bringing a new high-speed vessel Megastar, which is also the most modern on the Baltic Sea, to the route with the busiest ship traffic between two European capitals,” said Janek Stalmeister, chairman of the management board of Tallink Grupp. “Since the maiden voyage of our first shuttle class vessel, which consistently provides high-speed transportation all year round regardless of the weather conditions, in April 2007, we have carried a total of 30 million passengers between the so-called twin capitals.”
In addition to providing new traveler experience, the shuttle vessels have remarkably increased the reliability of sea transport in the eyes of passengers and made the connection between the two capitals comparable with a car or bus ride between Tartu and Tallinn. “Shuttle vessels of high ice class and storm resistance have created confidence among all the people who value travel reliability and consistent all-year-round schedules in the first place,” the chairman of the management board of Tallink Grupp noted. 
“Having started to use shuttle class vessels, we wished a well-deserved retirement to the era of smaller AutoExpress catamaran ships that also carried cars; in the weather conditions rather typical of the Baltic Sea, they took passengers on journeys best described as “rollercoaster rides” or would be stuck in the harbor because of the wind,” Janek Stalmeister added.
Tallink introduced the Star high-speed vessel produced by the Finnish shipyard Aker Yards on Tallinn-Helsinki route in the beginning of April 2007. The second vessel, Superstar, was added to the fleet on the route between Estonia and Finland in April 2008, and the newest ship is Megastar, the most modern on the Baltic Sea and running on environmentally cleaner LNG fuel, which started operation this January,replacing Superstar.

Additional information:

Jan Jõgis-Laats
e-mail:, mob: +372 56 496 382
Marika Nöjd, Communication Director, Tallink Silja Oy,
e-mail: marika.nö, mob: +358 400207704

Published 07.04.2017 


Starting from Monday 27th of February the passengers of both Tallink Shuttle vessels Star and Megastar will start using the new terminal T2 building in West Harbour and the new gangway to the vessels, shortening the distance between the ship and terminal significantly.

„We are very happy, that with the usage of the brand new and modern terminal T2 in Helsinki, our Tallink Shuttle passengers will have a perfect start or farewell of their trip. The facility is really beautiful and what is as important – practically next to our fast ferries arriving to and departing from Helsinki. No more long walks, just beautiful views and quick access“, added Mr Margus Schults, CEO of Tallink Silja Oy in Finland.

„We wish now to warmly thank The Port of Helsinki and The City of Helsinki for a smooth co-operation with building the West Terminal 2 and with the development of the whole West Harbour area“, Schults adds.

As there are now two terminals in Helsinki West Harbour, the company underlines the importance to doublecheck the departure terminal prior to coming to the trip.

Trams 6T and 9 have stops next to both terminals as well as the taxis, also there will parking slots for buses. The address of West Terminal 1 is Tyynenmerenkatu 8 and West Terminal 2 is Tyynenmerenkatu 14.

The company`s other Tallinn-Helsinki route vessel, cruise ferry Silja Europa remains using the same quay as always and the arrival and departure terminal of T1, so the gates do not change for the passengers of this ship.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp,
e-mail:, mob: +372 5521296
Marika Nöjd, Communication Director, Tallink Silja Oy,
e-mail: marika.nö, mob: +358 400207704

Published 27.02.2017 



As from Tuesday, 24th of January, all Tallink and Silja Line branded vessels visiting Stockholm will use the new and modern Värtahamnen, when the ships of Riga-Stockholm route will also move there from Frihamnen. Both Romantika and Isabelle have also successfully tested the berths in the new harbour complex.

The Board Member of AS Tallink Grupp, Mr Lembit Kitter said that the new port facility in Värtahamnen, Stockholm is really modern and it is a great departure and arrival gate for the four routes Tallink Grupp operates to Stockholm. "It also makes it easier for our passengers to associate this one port with our ships and find the way there easily," said Kitter.

The company kindly requests the passengers to be attentive of the new port address when heading to the Stockholm-Riga route vessels Isabelle and Romantika. Other vessels visiting Stockholm, Victoria I and Baltic Queen of Tallinn-Stockholm route, Silja Symphony and Silja Serenade of Helsinki-Stockholm route and Baltic Princess and Galaxy of Turku-Stockholm route have been mooring to the Värtahamnen already for years.

The new terminal ready and the passengers can already use all gangways, check-in and waiting area and a restaurant there. The company office of Tallink Silja AB is also moving to the new Värtahamnen terminal building the same week.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp,
e-mail:, mob: +372 5521296
Ingrid Hansson, Press Officer, Ports of Stockholm,
e-mail:, tel: +46 707702747

Published 24.01.2017 


The biggest mall on the Baltic Sea will be completed on Megastar

The biggest mall on the Baltic Sea is being built on Tallink’s Megastar. The area will be 2 800m2, which equals the size of 11 tennis courts. The two-story Traveller Superstore will be more than half bigger than any other store sailing on the Baltic Sea.

- Our passengers feel that the second most important thing on the trip, after the destination, is shopping. Since it has been wished for, we want to make it happen: the new Traveller Superstore is actually enormous, says Margus Schults, the CEO of Tallink Silja Oy.

Based on the suggestions from the passengers, direct access to the car deck and several cashiers were wished for. The outcome is the biggest, two-story mall on the Baltic Sea. Once you have booked yourself a parking space on the Garage-deck, you have access from the store to the car deck at all times through only one door. You can leave your shopping bags to the car and not worry about them during the rest of the sea voyage. This and the 19 cashiers make shopping fast and smooth so that you can enjoy other things as well during your two-hour sea voyage.

The huge Traveller Superstore on Megastar enables a very wide range of products from cosmetics to special wines and from clothes to design. One of the novelties in cosmetics is the New York based brand Kiehl’s. As for clothing brands, Emporio Armani can be mentioned as one of the novelties on board.

- Our customers are already familiar with the Q-shopping service, which will be launched also on Megastar. The passenger can perform the product scanning using a special mobile device and perform payment at special payment kiosks themselves without using the standard service counter. This provides the customers easier and quicker purchasing and it also decreases the potential queues. The passengers who have used this service on our vessels have been very pleased and we believe that it will work as well in the Traveller Superstore, says Margus Schults.

Additional information:

CEO Margus Schults,

Communications Director Marika Nöjd,, +358 400 207 704

Read more about Megastar

Published 1.12.2016 



The ticket sales for the newest member of Tallink`s fleet delivered by Meyer Turku Shipyard in 2017 will be opened today, on 15th of November 2016. According to the plan, Megastar is to make her first trips on Helsinki-Tallinn route on 29th of January 2017.

„Although the Tallink Shuttle standard is generally upgraded with the delivery of Megastar, the average ticket price will remain stable. Over the past 10 years we have sailed together with 41 million people on that particular line, who have given us valuable feedback now turned to real features on Megastar. The comfort of the logistics, huge shopping space, and variety of restaurants with social eating option are just the few to name. We also would like to underline the importance of environmentally friendly solutions Megastar is built with, which is increasingly important to many of our passengers as well“, said Mr. Lembit Kitter, Member of the Management Board of AS Tallink Grupp.

Megastar`s delivery by Meyer Turku shipyard is planned to take place in the second half of January 2017, enabling the first trips on Helsinki-Tallinn route on 29th of January. To secure the tickets and avoid the overbooking in case the delivery of the vessel takes place later as planned now, the company is selling the tickets in range of the capacity of the replacing vessel Superstar. Superstar`s name is replaced with Megastar`s name in the sales system during Thursday, 15th of November.

Megastar has 62 percentages more space comparing to the current Shuttle vessels on the same route. The new vessel has accordingly 40 percentages more room for passengers, there’s capacity for 2800 passengers. The passengers with cars will enter the ship through a second level ramp, differently from cargo and busses. A garage with 150 parking places is directly linked with the shop, with the possibility to be accessed also during the voyage.

On Megastar, there will be four different travel classes. In addition to already familiar standard Star Class, upgraded Comfort Class and exclusive Business Lounge, there will be a new area, Sitting Lounge, which is included in the ticket price of a Star Class ticket. Sitting Lounge is a totally new concept for the fast ferry service – a quiet area with comfortable armchairs. The new Sitting Lounge has more than 300 seats and plenty of charging points for mobile phones and other electric devices.

There will be seven different restaurants and cafés on board Megastar, including a classical buffet restaurant, a la carte restaurant, fast food restaurant and cafés. Also pubs and bars are located on the new ship. There will be also a children`s playground for passengers travelling with their young family members.

Megastar will be 212 meters long and will accommodate altogether 2800 passengers. Megastar will use LNG as fuel, but will also be able to run on marine diesel. With LNG, her environmental performance will improve much by creating no Sulphur or soot particles and decreasing the Nitrogen and CO2 emissions. She will be a 49 000 GT ship with a service speed of 27 knots. Designed for the Tallinn-Helsinki route exclusively, Megastar will comply with the current and future emission regulations for the ECAs (Emission Control Area), including the Baltic Sea. To underline the importance of environmental sustainability, WWF Finland and Tallink are running a donation campaign for the protection of the Baltic ringed seal, where the participants can have their name placed on board of Megastar.

More information about the ship is available on and here.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, AS Tallink Grupp, Communication Director, mob: +372 5521296,


Published 15.11.2016 


Finnish Chef Eero Vottonen, a candidate of the most prestigious gastronomic competition in the world Bocuse d’Or, has designed the Menu Nordic for Silja Line's Bon Vivant restaurants. The menu is a salute to Finnish nature and ingredients. The wines have been selected by Heidi Mäkinen from restaurant C in Tampere, who won the title of best sommelier in Finland in 2015..

“The Menu Nordic that I designed for Silja Line ships is an ode to Finnish nature and ingredients. The flavours on the menu include autumn forest mushrooms, aromatic Jerusalem artichokes, classic unleavened barley flatbread, lamb from the Åland Islands and Finnish apples. These dishes and their preparation methods are characteristic of me. Flavours and the way the ingredients go together are the foundation for the menu”, says Eero Vottonen.

“In wine selections, particular attention has been paid to the dramatic structure of the menu, and each wine carries the ‘story’ forward. Fresh and pure tastes are common features of all the wines, and I think this is also in line with Eero's food philosophy. Ingredients are very important to Eero, and the producers of the wines I selected also emphasise viticulture and the importance of high-quality grapes in the winemaking process”, says Heidi Mäkinen.

Menu Nordic by Chef Eero Vottonen & Sommelier Heidi Mäkinen

Lavaret & Sour Cream
Slightly smoked Lavaret with Dill seasoned Sour Cream and Cucumber
(As aperitif Sommelier Heidi Mäkinen & Bocuse d’Or Candidate Eero Vottonen recommend

Jacques Lassaigne Les Vignes de Montgueux Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut, Champagne, bottle price 66,90 €)

• • •

Jerusalem Artichoke & Trout Roe

Braised Jerusalem Artichokes, marinated Onions and Sauce with Trout Roe
Philippe Kuhn Grauer Burgunder vom Löss Trocken 2015, Pfalz, Germany

• • •

Poultry Liver & Celeriac

Poultry Liver Mousse with marinated forest Mushrooms and Celeriac
Yealands Estate Land Made Pinot Noir 2014, Marlborough, New Zealand

• • •

Cod & Horseradish
Pan-fried Loin of Cod with Shrimps and Horse Radish seasoned roasted Cauliflower
Roger Champault Sancerre Côte de Champtin 2013, Loire


Lamb & Onion
Roasted Sirloin of Lamb with caramelized Onions and fried Parsley Root
Maison Nicolas Perrin Cornas 2014, Rhône

• • •

Apple & Caramel
Braised Apple with Apple Vinegar seasoned Caramel and Buttermilk Ice Cream
Disznókö Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2005, Tokaj

The five-course Menu Nordic for autumn will be served in the Helsinki-Stockholm route ships' Bon Vivant restaurants from 1 September 2016 to 10 January 2017. The price of the menu, including wines, is EUR 118 per person (EUR 109 per person for Club One customers). Menu is also available in Gourmet restaurants on Tallinn-Stockholm route’s M/S Victoria I and Helsinki-Tallinn route’s M/S Baltic Queen.

More details:

Tallink Silja Oy, Communications Director Marika Nöjd, +358 400 207 704,

Chef Eero Vottonen, +358 40 7437 442,

Sommelier Heidi Mäkinen, +358 44 3606570


Published 31.8.2016 



All passengers of Tallink and Silja Line vessels sailing to and departing from Stockholm to Helsinki, Turku and Tallinn will from now walk through the new terminal building of Värtahamnen, opened tomorrow on 21st of June. Although the construction in the harbour area and terminal will continue also now, the opening of the terminal will significantly improve the travel comfort by decreasing the distances between the ships and terminal.

The new Värtahamnen terminal is owned by Stockholms Hamnar. It is a terminal, which will potentially also serve the passengers of other ship operators in the future.

The terminal will be opened daily from 5:45 am until 7:30 pm, according to the schedules of the ships arriving and departing. The terminal will serve the passengers of Silja Symphony and Silja Serenade from Helsinki, Baltic Princess and Galaxy from Turku and Victoria I and Romantika from Tallinn. The passengers of the company`s vessel Isabelle operating between Stockholm and Riga will yet remain to be served by Frihamn terminal in Stockholm.

There will be check-in counters and self-service machines in the terminal. The check-in for car passengers as well as long-term parking area for passengers will remain in the same location at the moment. Pick-up point for preordered assistance is located on the ground floor of the terminal.

The postal address of the new terminal is Hamnpirsvägen 10, Stockholm.

Nearest subway for the terminal is Gärdet. Stockholms Hamnar will connect the new terminal to the bridge to Finlandsparken with a temporary walkways through the existing infrastructure, allowing passengers coming with public transportation to access the new facilities as comfortable as possible. There will be clear signs how to move between the terminal and Gärdet subwaystation. Taxi stand, 2 public and 4 Tallink Silja bus stops will be located next to the new terminal. 

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, AS Tallink Grupp, Communication Director, mob: +372 5521296,

Janis Pavuls, Tallink Silja Ab, Communications and Marketing Director,

Published 20.6.2016 



The construction of the new West Terminal 2, to be opened next spring, has progressed to a point where the check-in of passenger cars in the West Harbour will be moved to a new location on 30 May 2016. The route and gate for heavy vehicle traffic will also be moved.

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Published 29.5.2016 


This summer a delicious menu by the Culinary Team of Finland can be enjoyed on board Silja Line ships on the Helsinki-Stockholm v.v. route. The five course Nordic summer menu will be served at the ship’s Bon Vivant restaurants starting from 19th of May.

The members of the Culinary Team of Finland master all the exquisite cooking techniques and create tastes that elevate the Nordic kitchen into new dimensions. The team’s summery menu contains fantastic pure ingredients and interesting taste combinations. The captain of the Culinary Team’s captain Kristian Vuojärvi describes the selection of Menu Nordic’s dishes as follows:

Halibut & Rhubarb
“Smoked halibut and rhubarb as a combination is a given for us. The lightly smoked fish together with Finnish rhubarb offers a hearty and fresh taste experience.”

Goat milk & Jerusalem Artichoke
”In our opinion Jerusalem artichoke tells about the Nordic tastes very well. You can find the clean Nordic soil in its intensive taste.”

Rainbow Trout & Fenner (the fish option)
”We wish to elevate the rainbow trout back to its position as one of favorite fishes in Finland. New potatoes are part of the summer and are a natural choice as a side dish.”

Veal & Onion
“Veal and onion are very common as ingredients, but quite challenging to cook. We bring these ingredients to the plate in many different forms.”

Cheese from Helsinki
“Spruce sprouts and apple jelly gives lightness to a hefty white mold cheese from Helsinki.”

Strawberries & White Chocolate
”The dessert is focusing on the Finnish strawberry. The strawberry with its love, sweetness and lightness describes the Finnish summer at its best.”

The menu is valid on board Silja Line’s Helsinki-Stockholm v.v. route during 19.5.-31.8.2016.

The designing of the Nordic Menu has been coordinated by Tallink Silja Oy’s Head of Restaurant Services Matti Jämsén. The Culinary Team of Finland’s member are Kristain Vuojärvi (Captain), Jarkko Pulkkinen (Vice Captain), Aki Kinnunen, Janne Töllinen, Jenni Bergström, Mikko Pakola, Simo Pietarinen, Samuel Mikander, Joona Lehto, Eero Paulamäki, Emeliina Papinniemi and Marika Korhonen. The Leader of the team is Tapio laine. The team represents Finland in the Culinary Olympics organized in every four years, next time in October 2016 in Erfurt Germany.

Read more about the Culinary Team of Finland at:

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More information about Menu Nordic:

Tallink Silja Oy, Communications Director Marika Nöjd,

Tallink Silja Oy, Head of Restaurant Services, Matti Jämsén,


WWF Finland and Tallink started a campaign to support the Baltic ringed seal

WWF Finland and AS Tallink Grupp have today launched a large-scale donation campaign for supporting the Baltic ringed seal. Everyone who donates, will have the opportunity to digitally write their name on board of the new environmentally friendly LNG vessel Megastar. The campaign targets to collect 25 000 euros.

With the collected donations, WWF Finland will start projects to get more reliable data on the size of the population of Baltic ringed seal by boats and planes, study the less known populations for example in the Archipelago Sea and find out where the seals roam and how they choose the area they live in.

WWF protects the habitat of the seal, the Baltic Sea e.g. against eutrophication and oil spills. The ringed seals are Arctic species, and their survival depends on the presence of ice and snow. That is why climate change poses the biggest threat to the Baltic ringed seal today. For example the Archipelago Sea may only freeze for a few weeks in the future, which is not sufficient to carry the ringed seals through the breeding season.

The campaign can be found at The smallest single donation sum is 5 euros. Everyone who makes a donation to this project is invited to digitally write their name on board of Tallink’s new vessel, Megastar. In the entrance lobby of Megastar, there will be a large screen welcoming everybody coming on board or saying good bye when they leave.

CEO of AS Tallink Grupp, Mr. Janek Stalmeister said, that the company is glad to express the support towards the environmentally responsible way of business also by engaging the general public. „Megastar is designed to be the most environmentally sound vessel on the Baltic Sea, making it the perfect ship to carry the message for supporting the nature. We hope, that our passengers as well as people, who are generally interested in helping this species to survive, will participate in that project. Me along with my family certainly will“, said Stalmeister.

Tallink Silja Oy and WWF Finland have been partners in protecting the Baltic Sea since the year 2001. With the new partnership with AS Tallink Grupp from March 2016 this work will be continued.

"WWF is happy to have one of the biggest brands operating in the Baltic Sea working with us to save the Baltic ringed seal and the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is one of the most vulnerable and polluted sea areas in the world, and we need frontrunners to show how we can help conserve it. Together we also aim to raise awareness of the importance to protect the Baltic Sea", said Liisa Rohweder, the CEO of WWF Finland.

About Megastar

Megastar will be 212 meters long, can accommodate altogether 2800 passengers and will start operating on Tallinn-Helsinki route. She will be ready in the beginning of 2017. Megastar will use LNG as fuel, but will also be able to run on diesel. She will be a 49 000 GT ship with a service speed of 27 knots. Megastar will comply with the new and stricter emission regulations for the ECA areas including the Baltic Sea. On Tallinn-Helsinki route alone AS Tallink Grupp transports more than 4.7 million passengers a year. The company has a fleet of 15 vessels and operates on 6 different routes on the Baltic Sea connecting Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia for more than 9 million passengers every year.

About WWF

WWF, the global conservation organization, is one of the world's largest and most respected independent conservation organizations. WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the earth's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world's biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. For more information, please visit or

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp
tel: +372 552 1206

Leena Oiva, Development Manager, WWF Finland
tel. +358 40 539 8338


Published 14.4.2016 


Tallink launched the webpage for the new fast ferry Megastar

AS Tallink Grupp opened the special website presented in four languages - today to introduce the new LNG fast ferry Megastar. Every week, new blog posts are revealed about the new Tallink Shuttle ship delivered in the beginning of 2017.

In addition to the introduction of the ship, also the construction of the vessel in Meyer Turku shipyard, environmental performance and much more will be presented through the blog posts by the Finnish journalist Jussi Ovaskainen. Throughout the year, also polls will be disclosed on the page, enabling people to vote for the ideas about the potential new services on board. The proposals for the upcoming blog posts can be sent to the e-mail address

Megastar will be 212 meters long, can accommodate altogether 2800 passengers and will start operating on Tallinn-Helsinki route. She will be ready in the beginning of 2017. Megastar will use LNG as fuel, but will also be able to run on diesel. She will be a 49 000 GT ship with a service speed of 27 knots. Megastar will comply with the new and stricter emission regulations for the ECA areas including the Baltic Sea.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp
Tel: +372 552 1206

Published 7.4.2016 


Grease® musical hits the stage on Silja Line ships 1.4.2016

Travellers on the Helsinki-Stockholm route have the opportunity to enjoy a world-class musical performance in April and May as Grease hits the stage on Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony.

The musical Grease is produced by the British entertainment firm Belinda King Creative Productions, which has an impressive track record of providing on-board shows. The environment on board ship has its own characteristics and poses some challenges for staging, performance frequency and performers. The musical director and choreographer is Gary Lloyd who is no stranger to world-famous stars.

Fame and Saturday Night Fever, the shows that were put on last spring, attracted audiences of 40,000 over a two-month period. In fact, a survey of cruise guests showed that musicals are among the top ten reasons why people take cruises.

“We will have more than 200 shows this spring, and we hope that this new amazing musical attracts tens of thousands of passengers. I watched the final rehearsals in Northampton and all I can say is that these super-professionals have put up a wonderful show! During one evening, there are two 90-minute performances. We expect this musical to be an incredible success,” says Kati Heiniö, head of entertainment at Tallink Silja.

Grease, the ever-popular love story about Sandy and Danny, will be performed at Atlantis Palace nightclubs on both ships six nights a week starting from 5:00 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. between 1 April and 31 May 2016. The show is included in the price of the cruise ticket, but booking for the seat at the musical must be made in advance. The musical will be performed in English and the recommended age limit is 12 years. Each performance has space for an audience of 300.

Read more about the musical:, #siljamusicals

For further information, contact:

Kati Heiniö, Head of Entertainment,, +358 40 749 0033

Marika Nöjd, Communications Director,, +358 400 207 704

Published 31.3.2016 




According to AS Tallink Grupp, the Tallinn-Helsinki route`s cruise ferry Silja Europa will start sailing to the Southern Harbour, Olympia terminal in central Helsinki as from 23rd of April 2016. Due to the change of terminal, also the ship`s current schedule will undergo slight changes.

The Sales and Marketing Director of AS Tallink Grupp, Mr. Margus Hunt said that using the Olympia terminal in the heart of Helsinki will diversify the options for the passengers in terms of schedules as well as exact location of arrival. "Our Helsinki-Stockholm vessels also operate from this terminal in Helsinki and its location is very good for direct access to central city. While designing the time schedule, we had to take into account the availability of berths and the traffic times of other vessels, but we hope the new departure and arrival times are perfect for spring and summer season“, added Hunt.

From 23rd of April, Silja Europa will start departing daily at 8.00 from Helsinki, Olympia terminal, arriving in Tallinn D-terminal at 11.30. Departures from Tallinn will take place daily at 17.30, arriving in Helsinki at 21.00. The time schedule offers a pleasant opportunity for day cruises from Helsinki with onboard cabin availability. There are only passenger vehicles and small scale cargo units on board and all trucks and trailers will be carried with other vessels on that route – the cargo vessel Sea Wind, fast ferries Star and Superstar and the cruise ferry Baltic Queen through Vuosaari and Western Harbour in Finland.

Silja Europa started operating on Tallinn-Helsinki route on 13th of March 2016, after a more than a year-long charter period in Australia. At the moment the vessel operates to the D-terminal in Tallinn and Western Terminal in Helsinki. Until the return of the cruise ferry Baltic Queen to the route on 22nd of April, Silja Europa departs daily at 12.30 from D-terminal Tallinn and 18.30 from Western Terminal in Helsinki.

Silja Europa will also operate the 6 special cruises to Visby, Gotland during the summer, starting in June.

Before returning to the route in March, numerous reconstruction works were carried out on the 7th and 8th deck, were the shops, restaurants and bars are situated. The Tax Free Superstore as well as perfume shop both received a totally new look, which required taking down even some walls. From restaurants, a full make-over was done to the self service restaurant Fast Lane and the former Taurus a la carte restaurant now turned into the Italian restaurant Tavolata already very popular on Silja Line branded vessels. Also the discothèque and show bar were renewed.

Silja Europa is built in 1993 in Germany. She is worlds one of the largest ferries ships by the number of cabins with the length of 202 meters, width of 33 meters and passenger capacity of over 3000 people. There are 6 different cabin classes available on board, as well as 5 restaurants, 2 bars and nightclubs, a beauty salon, sauna and 4 shops. She has the highest ice class of 1A Super and her maximum speed is 21.5 knots. Her car deck accommodates 932 lane meters of vehicles and cargo.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp
Tel: +372 552 1206

Published 30.3.2016 




The Turku-Stockholm route`s cruise ferry Baltic Princess experienced technical problems on 24th of February and she will be out of service from 25th of February for repairs. The next scheduled departure of Baltic Princess is planned for 3rd of March from Turku.

During the repair period, all trips of Baltic Princess are cancelled, so there will be no evening departures from Turku and morning departures from Stockholm during that time. Company`s second vessel on the route, cruise ferry Galaxy operates according to its usual schedule.

The company`s customer service contacts all passengers, who have booked a ticket for any of the affected departures and offer altering of the departure date or route or refund of the tickets.

Company apologizes to passengers for the inconveniences.

Baltic Princess is built by the shipyard STX Europe in Finland in 2008. She is 212 meters long and 29 meters wide. Her maximum speed is 24.5 knots and she has the highest possible ice class of 1A Super. The 12-deck high ship accommodates altogether 2800 passengers and 1130 lane meters of vehicles. .

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp
Tel: +372 552 1206

Published 25.2.2016 



Silja Europa starts operating on Helsinki-Tallinn route on 13th of March

Cruise ferry Silja Europa will start her traffic on Helsinki-Tallinn route from 13th of March, making 2 departures per day, announced AS Tallink Grupp. Company will continue operations on the route also with the other cruise ferry Baltic Queen and fast ferries Star and Superstar.

Silja Europa will depart from Helsinki West Harbor at 9.00 in the morning, with the arrival to Tallinn at 13.00. From Tallinn, D-terminal the daily departures are scheduled to 18.30 with the arrival time in Helsinki at 23.00. The exception is the schedule on Saturdays, when she will depart from Tallinn at 17.00 arriving in Helsinki 20.50, the departure time from Helsinki is the same with other weekdays at 09.00 am.

Silja Europa will have a wide range of renewed restaurants on board. There are bands and troubadours performing on various stages during the day. The shops, which include a perfume and cosmetics shop, accessories and clothes shop and classical supermarket, are opened during the trips. For families with children, a spacious children area is available. Additionally a beauty salon and sauna are located on board.

Altogether, there will be 14-16 departures per day on Tallinn-Helsinki route according to the season’s schedule of Tallink`s ships, being the most widest selection of departures among the operators of that line. During March and April she will replace also other ships of the route having planned maintenance dockings in March and April, such as fast ferry Superstar and cruise ferry Baltic Queen.

Silja Europa is built in 1993 in Germany. She is one of the largest ro-ro ships in the world by the number of cabins with the length of 202 meters, width of 33 meters and passenger capacity of over 3000 people. There are 6 different cabin classes available on board, as well as 5 restaurants, 2 bars and nightclubs, a beauty salon, sauna and 4 shops. She has the highest ice class of 1A Super and her maximum speed is 21.5 knots. Her car deck accommodates 932 lane meters of vehicles and cargo.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp
Tel: +372 552 1206

Published 3.2.2016 



Tallink`s new LNG fast ferry will be named Megastar

Tallink`s new LNG fast ferry delivered in 2017 will be named Megastar. The name was chosen among 21 550 name proposals submitted to the public name contest. On 9th of February 2016 the keel for Megastar will be laid in Meyer Turku Yard, which starts the constructions of the ship in dry-dock.

According to the Chairman of the Board of AS Tallink Grupp, Mr. Janek Stalmeister the name enables to maintain the unity among the names in the Tallink Shuttle fast ferry family.“ As Megastar will be among the largest of her kind in the world, this name expresses perfectly the characteristics of the ship. It is also easy to pronounce in Estonian, Finnish and other languages. As there were so numerous entries with that name, we also see it as the wish of many of our passengers“, said Stalmeister.

The production of the new LNG powered fast ferry started in Meyer Turku Yard in Finland on 4th of August 2015, on 9th of February 2016 the keel of Megastar will be laid.

The price of the ship is 230 million Euros and it is planned to be delivered in the beginning of 2017.

Megastar will be 212 meters long, can accommodate altogether 2800 passengers and will start operating on Tallinn-Helsinki route.

The new environmentally friendly ship uses LNG as fuel and she will comply with the new and stricter emission regulations for the ECA areas including the Baltic Sea. The ship, with a gross tonnage of 49 000 and service speed of 27 knots, will bring significant improvement in energy efficiency. The highly innovative hull form minimizes the flow resistance and ensures that the ship operates well in ice conditions. Efficient and fast cargo turnaround in ports has been taken into account in the design of the new generation fast ferry.

AS Tallink Grupp is the leading passenger and cargo transportation service provider in the Northern region of the Baltic Sea. The company owns altogether 17 vessels and operates under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line on 6 different routes. AS Tallink Grupp employs 7000 people and has annually up to 9 million passengers worldwide.

Meyer Turku Oy is one of the leading European shipbuilding companies owned by Meyer Werft (70 %) and Finnish State through Teollisuussijoitus (30 %). The company’s shipyard in Turku employs 1,350 people and specializes in building cruise ships, car-passenger ferries and special vessels. The subsidiaries of Meyer Turku are Piikkio Works Oy, which is a Cabin Factory in Piikkiö, Shipbuilding Completion Oy, which provides turnkey solutions to public spaces in ships, and ENG´nD Oy, which is an engineering company offering services for shipbuilding and offshore.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp
Tel: +372 552 1206

Published 22.1.2016 



Tallink brings the renewed Silja Europa back to Tallinn-Helsinki route

Silja Europa, one of the largest passenger ferries in the world will have a renewal of passenger areas and return to Tallinn-Helsinki route as from March 2016. Also the fast ferries Superstar and Star as well as cruise ferry Baltic Queen will remain operating on the route, announced AS Tallink Grupp.

The Sales and Marketing Director of AS Tallink Grupp, Mr. Margus Hunt said that the majority of passenger areas, including cabins, restaurants, shops and show bar will be renovated and the passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh look and feel with exciting new discoveries. “The exact timetable and more details will be revealed soon”, added Hunt.

In cabins the textiles, furniture and technical equipment will be renewed. Most of the restaurants and shops will be also renewed and refurbished.

Silja Europa will start sailing with two departures per day on Tallinn-Helsinki route in March, replacing also other ships of the route having planned maintenance dockings in March and April, such as fast ferry Superstar and cruise ferry Baltic Queen. More detailed schedule will be revealed by the company next week.

Silja Europa is built in 1993 in Germany. She is one of the world’s largest ro-ro ships by the number of cabins with the length of 202 meters, width of 33 meters and passenger capacity of over 3000 people. There are 6 different cabin classes available on board, as well as 5 restaurants, 2 bars and nightclubs, a beauty salon, sauna and 4 shops. She has the highest ice class of 1A Super and her maximum speed is 21.5 knots. Her car deck accommodates 932 lane meters of vehicles and cargo.

Additional information:

Luulea Lääne, Communication Director, AS Tallink Grupp
Tel: +372 552 1206

Published 20.1.2016 



M/S Silja Symphony’s turn to be renewed in January

The Helsinki-Stockholm v.v. route ship’s renewals continue, when Silja Symphony sails to shipyard tomorrow Saturday 9th of January 2016. Some of the novelties are already familiar from the sister ship Silja Serenade’s renewal in November 2015. Completely new changes are made to the English themed Old Port Pub, located at the aft of the ship, where for instance a new stage will be built for artists. The ship will be docking in RMC Rauma shipyard in Finland and will return to traffic as renewed on the 21st of January 2016.

A new entrance will be built to the Old Port Pub on Promenade deck 7. On top of the entrance there will be a stage for artists. First one performing will be a well-known Finnish artist Antti Tuisku at Live@Promenade gigs during school holidays in February 22nd, 24th, 26th, 28th and March 1st. The Old Port Pub will be refurbished and the new look will be following the same fresh and timeless modern maritime feel of the recent renewals. All the surfaces and furniture will be renewed and additionally a small stage for troubadours will be built. Demolition work at the Old Port Pub has begun already on the 7th of January.

All of the family cabins on board Silja Symphony will be renewed and 10 of the cabins will be changed into Moomin cabins just like on board Silja Serenade. The Moomin Family cabins will be ready by 28th of January, as some of the cabins will be refurbished on the dock and some afterwards. Just as on board Serenade the Deluxe-cabins on board Symphony will receive a graphic and maritime look and the new furniture will give more spacious feeling to the cabins. The refurbishing will begin in Stockholm already today 8th of January.

Conference lobby will turn into an easily convertible, bright and fresh space mainly similar to the recent changes on board Serenade. Renewal work in the lobby begun already during the cruise January 7th.

A new Step & Shine shop will be built next to Sushi & Co restaurant at the Promenade deck 7. Due to this there will be fewer seats at the restaurant. There will be mainly handbags sold at the new shop, but there will be a variety of shoes, luggage and wallets. Some of the handbag brands are Wenger, Ulrika, Campomaggi, Lumi, Radley London, Guess, Eternel and Desigual, the shoe brands are Vagabond, Inuovo and Vans and there will be luggage from Geographical Norvay, Delsey and Eastpak. The shop and its visual look is designed by architect agency Aprocos Ky and their architect Heikki Mattila.

Further information:

Marika Nöjd, Communications Director,, +358 400 207 704

More about the Silja Symphony renewal »

Published 8.1.2016 




The positive feedback from previous shows last spring and satisfied customers has encouraged us to present again another world-class musical on the Helsinki-Stockholm route cruise ships. Hit musical Grease will take over both M/S Silja Serenade and M/S Silja Symphony in April and May.

“The experience from spring 2015 was so positive that we decided to put on another show! This time the same show will be performed on both ships by a cast of 15 brilliant performers and a live orchestra. There will be two 90-minute shows per night on six days in a week”, explains Kati Heiniö, head of entertainment at Tallink Silja.

The musical Grease is produced by the British entertainment company Belinda King Creative Productions, which has an impressive history and knowledge of providing show concepts on cruise lines. A ship as an environment for a show production brings its own characteristics and challenges for staging, frequency of shows and performers.

“It's wonderful to be producing Grease for Silja Line. The catchy tunes of this high-energy show will definitely please audiences of all ages. The production comes to life through our super-skilled singers and exceptionally talented dancers”, says Belinda King, CEO of Belinda King Creative Productions.

Fame and Saturday Night Fever, the shows which were played last spring, attracted for more than 40,000 passengers over a two-month period. In fact, a survey among our cruise guests showed that musicals were among the top ten reasons why people booked cruises. On both ships, the later show in the evening last spring was clearly more popular and a combination of sparkling wine and tapas proved to be the most popular snack & drink package.

“It's great to have musicals here again. This time we have even better understanding of what our audience wants and can offer them an unforgettable musical experience”, Kati says.

Grease, the ever-popular love story about Sandy and Danny, will be performed in the Atlantis Palace nightclub on board both ships six nights a week at 5:00 pm and 7:45 pm. Admission to the show is included in the price of the cruise ticket, but a booking must be made in advance. The show is performed in English. Each performance fits an audience of 300.

Further information:

Kati Heiniö, Head of Entertainment,, +358 40 749 0033

Marika Nöjd, Communications Director,, +358 400 207 704

Learn more information about the Grease Musical onboard Silja Serenade & Silja Symphony »

Published 10.12.2015 




Helsinki-Stockholm route’s M/S Silja Serenade returned to traffic from the Rauma shipyard on Monday 23 November, 2015. Many extensive renewals were carried out during the two week docking period, however there is more to come. During the first weeks of December all 26 Family cabins will be renewed to better meet today’s standards for families with children. Additionally 10 of these cabins will get a charming Moomin Family interior design.

The new Moomin Family cabins are straight from the fairy tale! Interior Designer Marjut Nousiainen has brought Moomins delightfully into the cabins with textiles and decoration. Moomin Family cabins are located on deck 11 in the bow of the ship and have a view towards the Promenade.

The Moomins are the central characters in a series of books and a comic strip by Swedish-speaking Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. Moomin brand and its use is owned and monitored by Moomin Characters Ltd. Mr Roleff Kråkström, CEO of the company, is very pleased with the cooperation with Silja Line ferries and the expansion of building up the new cabin category.

“There are many nationalities and travellers of different age, to whom Moomins stories are attractive. Moomin stories can be associated strongly with elements such as family, friendship and adventure – just like the cruise. Travelling in a Moomin Family cabin will be an unforgettable and even more unique experience”, says Kråkström.

“We are the only ones in the world to be the official sea carrier of the Moomin family. Already for many years our guests have considered the Silja Line cruise ferries as the true Moomin cruise ferries. Moomin and Little My are often welcoming people and especially children in the entrance and therefore the Moomin Family cabins will make the sea journey perfect for all Moomin fans. A special Moomin Disco and seeing the characters all around the ship during the cruise has been very popular fact among the families over the years” tells Marika Nöjd, Communications Director of Tallink Silja Oy.

Also the other 16 Family cabins will be renewed with modern and fresh textiles. Cabins are located on decks 8-11. Part of the cabins has a sea view and some of them have a view towards Promenade.

Both Moomin Family cabins and Family cabins can be booked for a family of 2 adults and 1 child. Cabins can accommodate up to 6 persons, of whom at least one must be a child. Both cabin categories have a TV and a refrigerator with soft drinks, included in the cabin price.

During the last two weeks of docking number of visible improvements were made in addition to the technical maintenance. The children's playground Silja Land moved into larger premises in deck 5. New type of cafeteria Coffee & Co. and world-famous brand Desigual clothing store were built on Promenade, deck 7. The former Mundo restaurant was completely renovated and opened as Fast Lane. In addition all 60 DeLuxe cabins and the conference lobby were completely renovated.

Further information:

Tallink Silja Oy, Marika Nöjd, Communications Director, or +358 400 207 704  

Read more information about Silja Serenade renewal »

Published 24.11.2015 




M/S Silja Serenade, the ferry operating between Helsinki and Stockholm, will today sail to the Rauma Shipyard for two weeks. Several modifications visible to passengers will be carried out on the ship in connection with the technical dry docking that is part of its maintenance programme. The previous round of extensive renovation work on Silja Serenade took place in early 2014. 

As with its sister vessel M/S Silja Symphony in the previous round of renovation work, the children’s playground Silja Land will be moved to the bow area of deck five. This change, carried out as a response to the wishes of families with young children, will elevate the cruising experience of young passengers to a totally new level. In addition, interesting changes to cabins will be implemented for families with children during December.

Designed by architect Heikki Mattila, the new Silja Land will have 290 m² space to play; based on the children’s own ideas, it will have a climbing tree, painting wall, playhouse and a Lego workshop, as well as a separate PlayStation gaming area, without forgetting the ever-popular ball pool! In addition Spice Ice will open an ice cream bar with a sitting area.

Coffee & Co., a new type of cafeteria also designed by Mattila, will open on the Promenade, deck 7, in place of the former Silja Land. It will serve fresh, high-quality coffee as well as refreshing drinks and delicious baked products. A unique brand clothes store will open next to the cafeteria. In addition, the cafeteria-restaurant Mundo will be totally reformed, including its new name Fast Lane. There you can have a luscious hamburger prepared by the chef on the spot or a fresh salad, for example. The Fast Lane restaurant will also provide high-quality late night portions.

Luxury for DeLuxe cabins and the conference lobby

All 60 DeLuxe cabins will be renovated, and new textiles and furniture will bring about a change of atmosphere. “The new appearance is graphic, maritime, even surprising. The wall-to-wall carpet will be replaced with dark vinyl boards. Unique graphics, custom-designed for the ship, will be decorating the walls. Since the stylish interior has a light appearance, the cabins will also have an ample sense of space,” says interior architect Marjut Nousiainen who designed the DeLuxe cabins. The basic furnishings of DeLuxe cabins include a double bed, flat-screen TV and fridge with refreshments, and all bookings for these cabins also include a diverse premium breakfast.

During the two-week dry docking operation, the lobby of the conference facilities on deck 6 will get a fresh appearance, also designed by Nousiainen. “The space is designed to be easily convertible for different types of events and conferences. Lighting and spacious feeling were the main criteria in its design, and the blue floor will capture people’s attention. Different atmospheres can be created in the otherwise white surroundings using modern and surprising lighting solutions.” The conference lobby also has a bar which serves as an “after work” facility.

The renovated Silja Serenade will return to traffic on 23 November 2015. She will then have the updated image of a smiling seal on its funnel, just like in the Silja Line logo. Silja Symphony, the sister vessel of Silja Serenade, will undergo renovation work in January 2016.

Charity sale on 22 November

Items removed from Silja Serenade in connection with the renovation work will be sold in the Olympia terminal on 22 November 2015 from noon to 3 p.m. Lamps, pictures, decorative items and plates will be for sale. The profit of the event will be donated to Lastenklinikoiden kummit ry
(The Association of Friends of the University Children's Hospitals).

Further information:

Tallink Silja Oy, Marika Nöjd, Communications Manager, or +358 400 207 704  

Read more information about Silja Serenade renewal »

Published 9.11.2015 



Changes in the Stockholm Värtahamn for passengers as from 20th of October 2015

Ports of Stockholm is developing the entire Värtahamnen, Frihamnen and Loudden area in a joint project with the City of Stockholm. For Ports of Stockholm the largest part of this project is the expansion of the Värta Pier. Värtahamnen is the largest port in Stockholm and is important for commerce in the region. Now Värtahamnen is being rebuilt to meet future demands. We are looking forward to a really positive development in summer 2016.

As from October 20th, 2015, our ferries, which sail to Stockholm (excluding the Riga-route vessel Isabelle, which still sails to Frihamn port), have started to use the new berths at the Värtan project (Värtahamn). The new berths are connected to the existing terminal at the moment, since the new terminal is still under construction. The changes are necessary for the port development project, which finalizes with shorter gangways leading to a modern terminal. Until the new terminal is ready in summer 2016, the gangways from new berth are longer than previous ones.

Vessels and their berths from 20th of October 2015:

• Tallinn-Stockholm vessels Victoria I and Romantika are using berth F2, Färjeläge 2. Length of passenger tube from the ship to the (current) terminal building is 760 meters.

• Helsinki -Stockholm vessels Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony as well as Turku-Stockholm route vessels Galaxy and Baltic Princess are using berth F3, färjeläge 3. Length of passenger tube from the ship to the (current) terminal building is 620 meters.

When the new terminal will be ready to use, the distances between the ferries and the terminal building will be very short and much more comfortable for our passengers.

NB! To assist our passengers with heavier luggage and/or difficulties in covering longer distances by foot, Port of Stockholm is providing a small train for transport in the passager gangways.

Check-in in Värtahamn:

• There are no changes in the the passenger check-in in the Värtan/Silja terminal.

• Cargo and private car check-in is moved to just north of the terminal, towards Ropsten. There are signs leading the traffic into the right direction. Read more »


For more information about the new terminal and the whole Värtan project please contact Maria Westman at the Port of Stockholm:

From Tallink Silja Ab, the contact person is Hans Friberg (DP of Tallink Silja Ab):

All press requests in regards to this topic should be forwarded to:
Luulea Lääne: (all countries)
Marika Nöjd: (Finland)
Baiba Muceniece: (Latvia).

Find out more and watch a video on Port of Stockholm web site

Published 21.10.2015 


AS Tallink Takso and Tulika launched a new taxi-calling app Taxofon

Leading taxi companies in Estonia, Tallink Taxi and Tulika Taxi jointly developed a new taxi-calling mobile application Taxofon, which will be used by 500 cars and minivans to serve customers.

As from Monday (October 12th, 2015), the mobile application Taxofon offers the customers of Tallink Taxi, Tulika Taxi and their subsidiaries the opportunity to book a car in Tallinn and the surrounding areas. Taxofon’s activity is organised by Taxofon Eesti OÜ, of which the owners are AS Tallink Taxi and AS Tulika Taxi.

According to the manager of Tulika Taxi, Mati Saare, taxi-calling via a mobile application is increasingly popular in Estonia and also more comfortable for both the customers and taxi companies, but the call centre of each taxi company will continue operating, as well. “Taxofon can be used for calling a suitable vehicle out of the 500 Tallink and Tulika Group cars and minivans operating in Tallinn and the surrounding areas. All these vehicles allow both cash and card payment methods. As the first in Estonia, Taxofon allows choosing specially from 6-12-seated minivans for bigger groups of people,” Saar explained.

According to the member of the board of Tallink Taxi, Tõnu Uusmaa, the taxi-calling app Taxofon helps customer to avoid the wait-lists of call centres and instantly gives a good over-view on the nearest available taxies and their prices. “The benefit of Taxofon is the quality and safety. We only channel companies offering quality taxi service that use at least middle class vehicles at less than 2 years of age,” Uusmaa explained.

After the launch of the new application, taxies of Tallink and Tulika can no longer be called via the market leader Taxify. “One of the reasons behind creating our own taxi-calling application was also the desire to offer competition to Taxify, who has built up significant market presence, in order to avoid situations where the calling environment dictates economically costly conditions for the drivers,” Mati Saar stated.

The Taxofon mobile app is available on two platforms: iOS and Android. Use of this application requires downloading it on your smartphone and/or tablet and connecting it your phone number and e-mail address.

AS Tallink Takso is a leading taxi company providing transportation services in Tallinn and the surrounding areas, and currently operates about 200 cars under its brands Tallink Takso, Tallink Taksobuss and Takso24. All AS Tallink Takso taxies are new, with automatic transmission, leather seats and modern restraints. The taxies have a common yellow look. The bigger owners of AS Tallink Takso are AS Infortar and the shipping comapny AS Tallink Grupp. Established in 1993, AS Tulika Taxi is the oldest and biggest taxi company in Estonia with a park of over 300 cars. Tulika Taxi brand operates bigger middle class white vehicles of average of 1,5 years of age; the brand Tulika Business operates Mercedes Benz E-class black vehicles and the brand Maksitakso operates minivans with 8-12 seats.

Additional information:
Tõnu Uusmaa Tel: +372 507 0179

Mati Saar Tel: 5034834

Find out more about Tallink Takso taxi-service

Published 15.10.2015 


SEB Tallinn Marathon on Sunday 13th of September 2015

The largest recreational sports event in Estonia, SEB Tallinn Marathon (SEB Tallinna Maraton), will take place on Sunday, 13.09.2015 in the city centre of Tallinn. Because of that there are some changes in traffic.

NB! Traffic along and around the track of the Marathon and Fall Race will be disrupted on 13 September from 00:30 – 16:00. 

Traffic arrangements in Tallinn 

The running map 

Find out more about SEB Tallinn Marathon

Published 8.9.2015 


Helsinki City Marathon on Saturday 15th of August 2015

Helsinki City Marathon (HCM) will cause changes in the traffic on Saturday August 15th. Approximately 6000 runners will run the marathon 15:00 -21:00.

The running map 

More information about public transportation can be found on Helsinki Region Transport Authority web site

South harbor (Silja Serenade to Stockholm):

-If you're heading to Silja Line terminal, South harbor, to catch Silja Serenade to Stockholm, we highly recommend to arrive well in advance by 15:30. Ship's departure time is 17:00. 

West harbor (Star, Superstar and Baltic Queen to Tallinn):

Special traffic arrangements to/from the terminal will apply during 15:00-21:00

Published 14.8.2015 



M/S Baltic Princess will be out of service 22.09-07.10.2015 because of dry-docking. M/S Galaxy will replace Baltic Princess by doing the evening departures from Turku and morning departures from Stockholm 23.09-06.10.2015.

Baltic Princess will be out of service after arriving from Stockholm to Turku at 19:15.

Galaxy arrives to Turku in the morning at 07:00 and stays in Turku for the day. There is no morning departure from Turku to Stockholm.

Galaxy operates on Baltic Princess’ schedule.

Departure from Turku in the evening at 20:15, departure from Långnäs 00:45, arrival to Stockholm in the morning at 06:10.

Departure from Stockholm at 07:10, departure from Mariehamn at 13:45, arrival to Turku in the evening at 19:15.

No departure from Turku in the morning at 08:15.

No departure from Stockholm in the evening at 19:30.

Galaxy arrives from Stockholm in the morning at 06:10.

No departure from Stockholm at 07:10.

No departure from Turku at 08:15.

Galaxy departure to Stockholm according to her normal schedule at 19:30.

Baltic Princess gets back to her normal service schedule from Turku in the evening at 20:15.

Check timetables and exceptions »

Published 23.7.2015 



AS Tallink Grupp and the Estonian theme park Lotteland based on the popular cartoon character Lotte signed a three year cooperation contract to introduce the theme park in the destination countries of the shipping company – Finland, Sweden and Latvia. 

"Lotteland is a truly sweet Estonian theme park, which we are all proud of. We would like it to be visited by all our passengers from our ships. As our passenger numbers reach almost nine millions per year, among them many families with children, this park can offer joy and great discoveries to many of them", – said the Marketing and Sales director of AS Tallink Grupp, Marina Jõgi.

Lotteland is very happy about the cooperation with Tallink, too, as this helps to increase the awareness about the place among the friends of Lotte in the surrounding countries.

In addition to introducing Lotteland on board of all Tallink's ships under Estonian flag as the marketing activities towards Finland and Sweden the theme park will have a beach area designed by Lotte`s author Heiki Ernits, adding a ship attraction and ship like sandboxes to the park. Tallink has already a longer cooperation with the authors of the cartoon character, as there have been Lotte-themed playrooms on several ships and also the mascot Lotte visiting the ships during the school holidays and summer season.

AS Tallink Grupp is one of the leading passenger shipping companies on the Baltic Sea, having altogether up to 9 million passengers on board annually. The company ferries sail on six shipping routes connecting the largest cities around Baltic Sea. AS Tallink Grupp recognizes environmentally sound operations as very important having also ordered an LNG-powered passenger ferry delivered in 2017.

Lotteland theme park was established in 2014 following the characters and cartoons by Estonian artists Heiki Ernits and Janno Põldma, being a largest children's theme park in Baltic countries. The central message of the park established by Rein Malsubi, Heiki Ernits and Janno Põldma is the sincere wishes and evaluating being together with the family. As said by the main character Lotte herself: „Being good makes life more interesting."

Read more information about Lotte and Lottemaa theme park  »

Published 9.4.2015 



The construction of the Clarion hotel in Jätkäsaari starts on 16 March and the hotel will be completed in October 2017. The construction of the hotel has significant consequences for the passenger car traffic from the harbour area of the West Harbour.

On 16 March, the construction site of the Clarion hotel cuts the Jätkäsaarenlaituri connection, which is a temporary exit route for vehicle traffic from the West Harbour. The traffic will be directed from the harbour area to Länsisatamankatu and further via Välimerenkatu and the Crusell Bridge out from Jätkäsaari. Heavy traffic will be directed via Länsisatamankatu out from Jätkäsaari.

A temporary extra lane is currently being built on Tyynenmerenkatu towards Länsilinkki. The extra lane, in use during the construction of the hotel, will be completed in April-May, after which the traffic from West Harbour will once again be directed to Tyynenmerenkatu. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic on Jätkäsaarenlaituri will also end temporarily and instead be directed to the walkway west of Tyynenmerenkatu. When the hotel has been completed, Jätkäsaarenlaituri will be converted to a pedestrian and bicycle way.

Look at the map 

More information on City of Helsinki web page

Published 13.3.2015 



M/S Baltic Princess will be out of service 25.01-08.02.2015 due to technical repair work. M/S Galaxy will do the evening departures from Turku and morning departures from Stockholm 26.01-05.02.2015.

Check timetables and exceptions

Published 19.1.2015 


Silja Symphony raises the family cruise experience to a whole new level – dream ships designed by children and teenagers

M/S Silja Symphony is going into dock for significant upgrades. The children's Silja Land will be completely transformed on the basis of the plans prepared by children and teenagers. From mid-October, the upgraded ship will serve luxury shoppers and food lovers even better than before on its familiar Helsinki–Stockholm route.

The upgrade of M/S Silja Symphony follows in the wake of its sister ship, M/S Silja Serenade, which was upgraded earlier this year. Silja Symphony will offer a large array of products to shoppers through the expanded Tax Free Superstore. Passengers can also buy high quality small electronics and luxury watches, jewellery, and bags. 
"Through these upgrades, we want to better respond to our customers' wishes and needs. For children, a cruise on the Baltic Sea is a spectacular experience and a true break from routines. We have received an incredible number of ideas from children, some of which will be brought to life now and some hopefully later. We are truly proud to present all of the new features that serve families," says Margus Schults, CEO of Tallink Silja Oy.

The play area, Silja Land, will be relocated to deck 5 and a sushi restaurant will be opened in its place on the Promenade. Children and younger people in particular have requested Japanese flavours. Furthermore, food lovers visiting Silja Symphony are able to enjoy Italian cuisine at Restaurant Tavolàta. 

Bold design – the ideas of young cruise passengers truly surprising

Architect Heikki Mattila and interior designer Marjut Nousiainen are responsible for the Silja Symphony upgrade. Children and young people also played an important part as they designed their dream ships at workshops organised together with Aalto University. Aalto was represented in the design project by chief innovation activist Anssi Tuulenmäki from Mindustry. The workshop experience with children was a true surprise to the professionals. The children's ideas were not only bold but also well-thought-out and feasible.

"From a child's point of view, a cruise ship offers endless possibilities to do things in a more fun way. Children took active part in our workshops and came up with wonderful ideas," Tuulenmäki says.

The significantly expanding Silja Land has been decorated according to the wishes of children. Of all the ideas presented at the workshops, we selected to build a climbing wall, a Lego corner, which was requested by boys in particular, and an ice cream bar where children can build their own ice cream dishes. The upgraded spa will better respond to the wishes of young children. After the upgrade, young swimmers can have fun in a larger children's pool and a water slide.

The seal is also happy about the new features

Through the launch of the new Silja Symphony and Silja Serenade, the Silja Line logo will also be updated. From now on, the smiling seal represents the most entertaining cruise experience on the Baltic Sea.

"We have listened to our customers who have fallen in love with the smiling seal, which has been used in advertising in Finland in early 2014. The seal has an infectious smile and we expect it will bring a smile on everyone's face in Finland. A mini vacation on board our ship is sure to bring up a smile for everyone," Schults says with a smile on his face.

For further information, contact:
Tallink Silja Oy, Communications Director Marika Nöjd, +358 400 207 704,
Tallink Silja Oy, CEO Margus Schults, +358 50 354 5867,

Silja Symphony will be taken out of traffic in Helsinki 6.9.2014 and it will return in traffic in the afternoon 16.10.2014 from Helsinki. Ship will be docked in Turku Repair Yard in Naantali.

Total investment of the makeover project is approx.10 million euros.

Silja Symphony renewal »

Silja Symphony technical information »


Published 4.9.2014 


Estonia introduces temporary border control due to President Obama visit September 3rd

Estonia introduces temporary border control due to US President Barack Obama's visit in Tallinn. President Obama pays a visit to Tallinn on Wednesday, September 3rd. The temporary border control is valid from August 31st, 2014. Security measures on borders and in Tallinn city will be emphasized.

Persons travelling to Estonia must have a passport or an ID card (ID card with photo, granted after 1.3.1999 excluding temporary ID cards) issued by the police with them. A driving license is not a valid ID. Due to Obama's visit, all travel documents and ID's will be checked on borders. Please note: The obligation to provide proof of identity applies to all passengers, including children of any age, those not required to present actual travel documents (see Passport and visa regulations). Those unwilling or unable to provide proof of identity and/or announce their identity upon request will not be allowed on board.

We recommend travellers to reserve extra time at border control both at the airports and ferry terminals. Traffic jams in Tallinn City are likely on September 3rd.

Tallink ferries arrive and depart from D-terminal

Published 28.8.2014 


Helsinki City Marathon on Saturday 16th of August 2014

Helsinki City Marathon (HCM) will cause changes in the traffic on Saturday August 16th. Approximately 6000 runners will start the Marathon at 15:00 from near the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. The running map can be found from the Helsinki City Marathon website

South harbor (Silja Serenade to Stockholm):

-If you're heading to Silja Line terminal, South harbor, to catch Silja Serenade to Stockholm, we highly recommend to arrive well in advance by 15:30. Ship's departure time is 17:00. Please note that traffic is closed between Ehrenströmintie and Laivasillankatu 16:10-18:50.

-There are special traffic arrangements and police is directing the vehicle traffic to South harbor via the North Shore, Mariankatu and Pohjoisesplanad towards the opposite traffic.

-At 16:10-18:50 there is no access to the south harbor with a vehicle. If you are dropping off passengers at this time, they will have to be left in the crossing of Tehtaankatu and Ullankatu and they have to continue by foot.

West harbor (Star, Superstar and Baltic Queen to Tallinn):

- There is access to the West harbor from street Mechelinkatu coming from north.

- There is access to Mechelininkatu from Länsiväylä and Porkkalankatu

-If you are coming from the direction on Bulevardi in the center, the traffic will be directed to Mechelininkatu via Lapinlahdenkatu..

More information about public transportation can be found on Helsinki Region Transport Authority web site

Published 12.8.2014 


Chartering of Silja Europa

AS Tallink Grupp and Bridgemans Services Ltd. have entered into a charter agreement to charter the cruise ferry Silja Europa to Australia from August 2014 as an accommodation vessel.

The period of the charter is at least 14 months with an option to extend up to 48 months. In relation to the above initially the following re-routings are planned in our operations: Baltic Queen which is operating on Tallinn-Stockholm today will change to Tallinn-Helsinki route presumably on 7 August 2014 and Romantika which is operating on Riga-Stockholm route today will change to Tallinn-Stockholm route. Isabelle will continue the service on Riga-Stockholm route.

Read the offcial stock exchange release

Tallink Silja booking team will be in contact with all passengers and partners with existing bookings affected by the changes.

Published 21.7.2014 


Wednesday evening 12.2.2014 delay in Silja Symphony´s departure time from Helsinki to Stockholm

Due to a technical problem Silja Symphony's departure at 17:00 was delayed from Helsinki to Stockholm. Ship was able to leave at 19:30. Estimated arrival time to Stockholm 13.2.2014 is at 11:00 local time.

Published 12.2.2014 at 20:55


News from the dock – Silja Serenade gets 50 km of new cable and 1,000 new light fittings

The dry-docking of Silja Serenade at the Turku Repair Yard in Naantali has gone according to plan and on schedule. Hundreds of employees from the five main contractors have worked long hours to make the ship ready to return to the Helsinki–Stockholm route on Saturday 15 February 2014.

Read the press release »

Read more about the Silja Serenade renewal project »


Wednesday evening 18.12.2013 m/s Star will be out of service for one roundtrip

Cancelled departures are:

· Tallinn-Helsinki 19:30
· Helsinki-Tallinn 22:30

Ship will be back to normal schedule on Thursday 19.12.2013 with departure from Tallinn 07:30.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!

Helsinki-Tallinn timetables »

Published 18.12.2013 klo 14:30


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12.09.2013 Baltic Princess technical problem 11.-12.9.2013

Due to a technical problem M/S Baltic Princess did not operate the departure from Turku to Stockholm 11.9.2013 at 20:15 and 12.9.2013 from Stockholm to Turku at 07:30. Baltic Princess is still in the Turku port area waiting to be repaired. We will inform the progress of the situation during 12.9.2013.


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Traffic Bulletin

You can download the latest traffic bulletin here »

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Isabelle to replace Silja Festival on Riga-Stockholm route

Purchased in April by Tallink the cruise ferry M/S Isabelle will be directed to Riga-Stockholm route from the 6th of May 2013, announced AS Tallink Grupp. The vessel with greater passenger and car capacity will replace Silja Festival on the Riga-Stockholm route, meeting the increased demand on that route. Isabelle's first departure from Riga will be the 6th of May. Isabelle has a great variety of on board restaurants and bars, meeting different tastes and preferences of passengers. Isabelle also has a relaxation and sauna area offering whirlpool baths and four separate saunas some of which have a beautiful sea view. The ship is equipped with all the needed rooms and facilities for organizing conferences, meetings, mini fairs, exhibitions or other events. The conference rooms has space for up to 180 persons. Isabelle accommodates 2 480 passengers and 450 cars. Isabelle was built by the Brodogradiliste Split shipyard (Croatia) in 1989. She is 170.9 meters long and 27.6 meters wide. Her speed is 20.5 knots.

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Tallink & Silja Line Mobile Application

Find us also in App Store and book your trip on the go!

We are happy to announce that we have launched Tallink & Silja Line mobile application for Android OS and Apple iOS running mobile devices. 

Application "Tallink & Silja Line – booking" will enable you to search timetables, book one way and round trips (not cruises), manage reservations and pay for reservations with credit card by using your smartphone.  You can also use Club One membership number for discounts.

  • Book ferry tickets online
  • View timetables
  • Manage reservations

To download the application, please search Tallink or Silja Line from  Google Play (Android) or Apple App store (iOS)