Good to know


We need the following information, when booking:

  • - the total length, width and height of the vehicle
  • - registration number
  • - electrical connection
  • - amount of drivers
  • - other possible special measures needed
  • - IMO/ADR-freight

The units have to be pre-booked so that entrance to the harbour can be guaranteed.

Tallink Silja Cargo transports the following kinds of freight units:

New cars and car chassies
Working machines


Deadlines for vehicle check-in and loading times are as follows:

 - 1,5 hours prior to departure: trailers and vehicles that the stevedoring company loads to the ship. Except in Helsinki South Harbour (Helsinki-Stockholm) the closing time for trailers and vehicles without driver is on Saturdays and Sundays already at 12 o’clock.  

- 1 hour prior to the departure: lorries that the drivers drive to the ship by themselves.

In case a vehicle arrives late to the Check-in, the place may be given to a vehicle on the waiting-list.

Method of payment:

Invoicing, Credit card payment. Cash payment is not possible.

Credit cards that will be accepted are: American Express, Euro card, Visa, MasterCard. Finnish bank cards are accepted only in Finland and Swedish bank cards only in Sweden. The personnel is responsible for checking that the card is valid. Be prepared to prove your identity, if asked.

Waiting list

The vehicles on the waiting list will be loaded to the ship according to the order of arrival.

Cancellation of reservation

A no show-payment will be charged for a place that is not used and has not been cancelled in time. Reservations for lorries and other vehicles with a driver have to be made at the latest one hour prior to the departure, for other units 1,5 hours prior to the departure.