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By 2035 Finland aims to be a sustainable, carbon neutral country. According to UNWTO, tourism contributes to 5% of the global emissions, and Visit Finland wishes to ensure tourism industry does its share to reach the national targets. Tallink Silja has undergone the entire Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme. So, you can be sure we take sustainability seriously.

Sustainable travel destinations and companies in Finland

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Responsible Holidays with Tallink & Silja Line ships

Sustainable Travel Finland

塔林客诗丽雅游轮成为波罗的海第一家获得“芬兰可持续旅游”标签的轮渡公司。 我们采取长期的行动措施来照顾人,气候,资源和海洋。 我们是可持续旅游业的先驱! 点击此处 → 

考虑到人类的将来,我们必须充满责任感的提供休闲,奢华,旅行,运输和工作。 我们希望将来是一个拥有繁荣的社区和幸福的人类的清洁世界。 因此,为了将来,我们将采取行动。