Ships are on duty

During these exceptional times many of our ships are now loaded with fruits, vegetables, canned food, pasta, frozen foods, medicines, diapers, and other vital products needed. We thank all the cargo drivers who do such a valuable job for everyone’s sake!


The Group recognises that environmental protection and management is one of its highest priorities. Every effort is made to preserve and protect the environment from marine and atmospheric pollution and any other form of pollution. More about social responsability

Special Cruises

During the summer season Silja Europa makes four special cruises from Helsinki to beautiful island of Visby, Sweden. Additionally you can visit St.Petersburg or Riga


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Visit Tallinn

Just a short 2-hour trip from Helsinki and you are already in Tallinn! Shuttles Star and Megastar have up to 6 daily departures! Price example 27 €/person

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Hop onboard and make memories for a lifetime!

Meet Moomin on Silja Line cruise

Baltic Sea Capitals

Spend the daytime exploring city sights and travel by night on our luxurious cruise ships.

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Tallink and Silja Line ships are like big department stores at sea.

In our shops you will find a wide selection of well-known brands to satisfy the needs of most different travellers. We offer you the latest perfumes, luxury and everyday cosmetics, fashion accessories, carefully selected wines and other drinks, quality chocolates and so much more. We would also like to remind you that most products sold on our ships are bigger in size and smaller in price than on land. Why not indulge in some shopping while being on board?

Should you travel en route  Helsinki - Tallinn and wish to pre-order your drinks, we recommend using our pre-order service: