Sitting Lounge

Sitting Lounge is a totally new concept for the fast ferry service – a quiet and closed area with comfortable armchairs, just like on an airplane business class. Here you can also watch TV. There are luggage lockers as well. Sitting Lounge accomodates up to 310 people and is located on deck 9.

Comfort Lounge

Comfort Lounge is a comfortable separate area with extra services, including a choice of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, newspapers, TV, WIFI and power outlet. Comfort Lounge is located on deck 8.

Comfort Class ticket can be redeemed for € 20 surcharge. Children 0-5 year old free of charge.

Business Lounge

Business Lounge is a quiet and classy area for business travellers. In addition to premium WIFI services, newspapers, catering with cold and warm dishes and a wide selection of beverages for about 150 people are arranged there. Business Lounge customers traveling with a car have Priority Car service included in the ticket price, which allows them to be among the first to drive off the vessel at its destination. Business Lounge is located on deck 8.

Business Class ticket can be redeemed for € 65 surcharge. Children 0-5 year old free of charge.

Drivers’ Lounge

On deck 10, there is a separate Drivers’ Lounge for cargo drivers. Services available there are included in the ticket price.


There are 17 cabins for 2-4 people. All cabins are located on deck 10.

For handicapped people we offer a B-class cabin, that fit up to 2 passengers and are eqipped for people with moving disabilities.

The ship has 5 A-class cabins for people travelling with pets.

Delight Buffet

Delight Buffet for over 400 people is located in the fore part of the ship. The plentiful breakfast is offered on morning departures, the varied Swedish buffet is served on day and evening departures. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer and wine are included in the price of buffet meal. The restaurant is located on deck 9.

Delight Buffet menu (valid 27.12.2017–31.05.2018) →

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The Chef's Kitchen

The Chef’s Kitchen is a sit-down restaurant with open kitchen, relaxed atmosphere and moderate prices. The menu of restaurant has something for everybody’s taste. The restaurant is located on deck 9.

The Chef's Kitchen menu →
The Chef's Kitchen Menu by Juuri →

Fast Lane

Fast Lane restaurant is for persons, who don’t want to have a multi-course menu but have something delicious quickly. Here you can stop by easily and enjoy fresh salads or meatball. The Chef is here to make luxurious hot dogs until the late night. The restaurant is located on deck 9.

BURGER KING® restaurant

The world-famous BURGER KING® restaurant on board of Megastar is situated on 8th deck of the ferry. The seating area close to the restaurant has hundreds of seats, the take away option makes it possible to enjoy the food across all passengers` facilities.



Urban and industrial-style Coffee & Co. cafeteria serves fresh top quality coffee, refreshing drinks, mouth-watering pastries and cakes. The restaurant is located on deck 9 in the open area with Information Desk.

Victory Bar

Classical pub named Victory Bar offers different pub products and beverages, warm sandwiches and cold snacks. There are big TV screens for broadcasting of sports events, PAF’s slot machines and Game Room with paid games in the bar. The bar is located on deck 9.

Sea Pub

Classical pub offers different drinks and snacks. There is a small stage in pub where the artists from all over the world will perform. The pub is located on deck 9.

Traveller Superstore

While on board Megastar, you will find everything you need in one big convenient store. The selection available in the Traveller Superstore ranges from fragrances and cosmetics, accessories, fashion items and clothes, toys and sweets to food, alcohol, and tobacco products. The Traveller Superstore can be entered from both Decks 7 and 8. There is a separate entrance from the garage area on deck 7. Find an exclusive selection and attractive prices in the largest ship store on the Baltic Sea!

The pre-order counter and sale stations for large quantity items are located on deck 7.

Fast service is delivered throughout the store – there are altogether 14 counters in different areas of the shop and Q-Shopping service .

This is also where the collection game Collect and Save prizes are displayed and sold.

The shop is opened from morning before the first departure till evening until the last trip is done, also during port stays. 

Lobby Shop

To save time, you can buy smaller items from the kiosk on Deck 8, which sells food and drinks, as well as magazines, newspapers, and souvenirs.

Information Desk is an open area combined with Coffee & Co. cafe, where light snacks and drinks are served. The seating as well as standing tables are within the close range. The luggage lockers are also located close to the Information Desk.

Emergency first aid is provided by ship's personnel.

Luggage room is located on deck 8. Price 2 € / person (max.2 bags) + jacket). In Sitting Lounge, on deck 9, and on deck 8 lockers for luggage, price 4 € / big & 2 € / small.

It is possible to borrow a wheelchair from the information desk, which can be used only in areas of the vessel during the whole trip. Wheelchairs of the terminal are used to get to and from the ship. There is only one wheelchair available on board, and therefore, we recommend to book the free service in advance.

Traveling with pets
The kennel is located on deck 7, with 4 large and 6 small pet cages. Dimensions of the large cage are 103,5x77,5x102 cm and of the small cage are 69x77,5x102 cm. Locks for the cages can be requested from the ship’s information desk, for which a guarantee of € 10 is charged. Pets can be transported in a car without extra charge. NB! Access to the vehicle deck is forbidden during the trip! More information »
For people traveling with pets, there are A-class cabins with 5 windows on deck 10.

Car Decks & Garage

Megastar has two-level loading, where the 2 entry and exit ways are used simultaneously to load or unload the vessel. That makes the process much quicker. A garage with 150 parking places is directly linked with the shop and it is possible to be accessed also during the voyage. Garage is located on deck 7. 

Garage ticket for vehicle (max lenght 7 m and max height 2,4 m):
Car ticket + garage fee 10 €/route/per vehicle

 Additional fee will be refunded in Megastar shop (discount 10 € if purchased with more than 150 €). 

Technical Info

Built: 2017
Built by: Meyer Turku Oy, Finland
Passengers: 2800
Passenger cabins: 47
Decks: 12
Length: 212,2 m
Breadth: 30,6 m
Speed: 27 knots
Lane meters: 3653 lm
Ice class: 1A
Main engine output: 40 600 kW
Godmother: Tarja Halonen

West Terminal / Helsinki

West Terminal 1 (Länsiterminaali 1)
Address: Länsiterminaali L4 Tyynenmerenkatu 8 00220 Helsinki.
Check-In is open Mon-Sun 06:15-00:30

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Address: Lootsi 13

10151 Tallinn
Tallink Ticket Office in Terminal D is open: 
Monday–Sunday 06:00 – 22:30

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Star class

Star-class seats are unnumbered places, so you can choose where and how you spend your time traveling. Visit the restaurants and shops, or visit the deck in the fresh air. Helsinki-Tallinn route has flexible pricing depending on availability.


Star Comfort Class is an economical way to travel with more comfort and service than in Star Class. Have a seat in a comfortable separate area with extra services, including a choice of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, newspapers, WIFI and power outlet. Comfort class is located in Sunset Bar (deck 9)

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Equipment in Star Comfort Class area:
• Comfortable chairs 
• Desk 
• TV screens 
• Power outlets 

Food & beverages:

Departure Complimentary Extra charge
Biscuits, mini pastry, vegetable assortment with dip, candy, tea, coffee, refreshments
Sandwiches, fruit salad, yoghurt, pastries
/ evening
Biscuits, savoury snacks, vegetable assortment with dip, candy, tea, coffee, refreshments Sandwiches, salads, cake slices

Flexible pricing depending on availability.


Business class

The comfortable Business Lounge brings luxury to your cruise. The classy Business Lounge is located in the middle of the ship, on the 7th deck. During your cruise you can prepare your meeting or just relax and enjoy your trip. There is also free wireless internet connection, Tax-free menu and newspapers available. The Business Lounge ticket includes food and drinks in Business Lounge buffet.

Business Lounge -surcharge 65 €/person/one way, 0-5-year old free of charge.

Standard A & B class

The cabins are on decks 8 and 9, at the rear of the ship. There are 131 cabins for passengers: 64 inside B4 cabins and 65 outside cabins A4. There are 2 cabins for invalids, they are both located on deck 8. The cabin size is 7,5 m2. All cabins have a WC/ shower.


Cabins for disabled persons

7,5 m2 cabins are located on deck 8. All cabins are equipped with own shower and toilet.

Cabins for passengers travelling with pets

3 x B-class cabins, located on deck 8. All cabins are equipped with shower and toilet.

Shuttle buffet

Shuttle Buffet-restaurant is located on deck 8 in the front part of the ship. There are 450 seats in the restaurant. Restaurant serves Buffet breakfast on departures at 7.30 and 10.30 and warm Buffet Lunch or Dinner on other departures. On departure at 21:30 and 22:30 restaurant is closed.

Meal prices →

Buffet Menu (valid 27.12.2017–31.05.2018) →


Enjoy the best culinary experiences of the Baltic Sea and admire the breathtakingly beautiful sceneries around you! Our versatile á la carte menu offers something for everyone. Our personnel will be glad to help you to choose the right wine to go with your meal. Welcome to enjoy new Sparkling Breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning at 07:30 departure from Helsinki to Tallinn. Start your day with tasty hot and cold delicacies served to your table and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere with a glass of sparkling wine. Book in advance for 18€ / adult, 9€/ child 0-11 y.o.

Star à la carte menu →


The world's first floating BURGER KING® restaurant in the Baltic Sea is opened on Tallink Shuttle Star. BURGER KING® restaurant has almost 300 seats, but the takeaway service will make it possible to enjoy products in other areas of the ship too. The restaurant is located right next to the children's play area Tivoli on deck 9.

Burger King restaurant on Star is closed during 11.-14.9. due to service works. 

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Yo! Frozen Yogurt Café

In Yo! Frozen Yogurt Cafe you will find a great breakfast, enjoyable refreshment or a dessert no matter what the weather. You can choose from varieties of frozen yogurt, Greek Yogurt, smoothies and coffee drinks.

Frozen yogurt is a low-calorie ice-cream-like dessert made from locally sourced ingredients. Yo! Frozen Yogurt does not contain artificial colours or preservatives. Coffee drinks are made from high quality beans. We serve cakes, baked goods and macaroons to go with hot drinks.

On board M/S Star the café is located on the deck 9.


Café Snack Time is located on deck 8, in the middle of the ship. There are 320 seats in the café. Enjoy sandwiches, rolls, salads, pastries, drinks and warm dishes.


Pub Seaport  

Pub Seaport is located on the 7th deck in the rear of the ship. In the cosy pub you can enjoy different kinds of drinks and snacks.


In the Supermarket you will find alcohol, cigarettes, sweets, toys, souvenirs and food. Located on deck 7.

Perfume Shop

In Perfume Shop you will find perfumes and cosmetics. The total space of the elegant and spacious shops is 1.500 sqm! Here you will find all the newest products from world famous brands.


Find out useful information from the links below:

Information Desk →
Ship's information desk is located on deck 7, in the middle of the ship. Information desk is open throughout the whole journey. Here you can find newspapers, Helsinki and Tallinn city maps etc.
Luggage storage→
Luggage room is located on deck 8. Price 2 € / person (max.2 bags)  + shopping bags + jacket). In the ship's bow, on deck 7, lockers for luggage, price 4 € / big & 2 € / small.  Luggage room is closed on departures 21:30 - 23:30 & 22:30 - 00:30. 
Currency exchange →
There is no currency exchange on board Star. 
Nurse →
There is no nurse or doctor among the ship crew. In case of emergency contact information desk.
Internet-connections →
WiFi free internet access in Business Lounge, deck 7. Note that connection quality may vary as the connection goes through satellite 
Embarkation →
Embarkation from deck 7.

Technical information

Year of manufacture: 2007
Passengers: 2080
Cabins: 131
Beds: 520 
Decks: 11 
Length: 186 m 
Width: 27,7 m 
Speed: 27  
Line meters: 2000 m
Ice class: 1A
Engine power: 48 000 kw 
Operates under Estonian flag

West Terminal / Helsinki

West Terminal 1 (Länsiterminaali 1)
Address: Länsiterminaali L4 Tyynenmerenkatu 8 00220 Helsinki.
Check-In is open Mon-Sun 06:15-00:30

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Address: Lootsi 13

10151 Tallinn
Tallink Ticket Office in Terminal D is open: 
Monday–Sunday 06:00 – 22:30

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